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Hear more from our students below:

Jade Dudoward

For too long Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities have struggled to communicate. I am blessed to be a part of this project (the Indigenous Rights and Environmental Sustainability Project) as we are working towards finding common ground between communities. I wholeheartedly believe projects like this hold the key to a happy and healthy future for all.

Jade DudowardSenior - AIS & ESRM


Trung-Anh Nguyen

I felt very lucky to have been a part of this [quantitative analysis of immigration detention] project at UWCHR as it was a tremendous learning experience. Not only was I able to do meaningful work with real life impacts, I had multiple opportunities to engage with experts and advocacy groups outside of the UW to learn about the work being done outside of academia.

Trung-Anh Nguyen


Guadalupe Alex Gonzalez

When I explain the value of our research [for the Abuses in the Air report] to friends and family when they ask what we’re doing, I say that while we might not always be at the frontlines of what’s going on, we’re helping to create toolkits, graphics, and data that can be utilized by people actively fighting for human rights. As researchers, our job is really just to get down to the basics of information, see what’s happening, and share what we find in a way that others can take it and continue their work.

Guadalupe Alex Gonzalez