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Heritage Language Symposium

The Center for Global Studies has been proud to sponsor the UW STARTALK Heritage Language Symposium, an annual gathering of language teaching colleagues from the University of Washington and around the state for the purpose of discussing heritage language learning.

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2022 Heritage Language Symposium

Saturday, February 12, 1011

KEYNOTE: Maria Carreira, PhD

Emerita Professor of Spanish, California State University, Long Beach, and Co-Founder and Emerita Co-Director, National Heritage Language Resource Center, UCLA.

Maria Carreira’s research focuses on heritage languages, with a concentration in Spanish in the US as well as the less commonly taught languages. Her recent work focuses on identity, resilience, and heritage language development and maintenance. As a heritage speaker of Spanish herself, she knows firsthand the rewards and challenges that come from maintaining the home language. That knowledge, along with her research, inspired her to launch Heritage Language Exchange in 2020. HLX aims to be a hub of resources for HL teachers and programs from all languages and levels of education.

(Bio adapted from here.)

2021 Heritage Language Symposium

Saturday, February 20, 2021

KEYNOTE: Olesya Kisselev, PhD

Assistant Professor at the University of Texas San Antonio

Dr. Kisselev’s research focuses on Second Language Acquisition, Heritage Language, Bilingualism, Corpus Linguistics, and Learner Corpus Linguistics. In 2019, she coauthored a new textbook with Irina Dubinina, Rodnaya rech’: An Introductory Course for Heritage Learners of Russian.

PANEL: Teaching heritage language learners across K12 and higher education during Covid-19: strategies for mixed classes

  • Ana Fernández Dobao, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Washington (moderator)
  • Nathan Marks, Doctoral Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Washington
  • Sabrina Spannagel, Associate Teaching Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Studies, University of Washington
  • Jingwen (Vivian) Li, Mandarin Dual Language Immersion teacher, Mercer International Middle School, Seattle

In addition to the live keynote and panel presentations on February 20th, the 2021 Symposium offered a curated list of links to prerecorded, highly engaging and relevant presentations on Heritage Language Learning and Teaching that was made available the week before the Symposium.

Click here to explore pre-recorded sessions that were available to watch before and during the half-day live Symposium on February 20, 2021, and watch video recordings of live Sessions on February 20 here.

2020 Heritage Language Symposium

Saturday, February 22, 2020
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Anke al-Bataineh, Chair, MA Program in Language Education, WGU: “Strategies to Support Immersion Project-Based Language Learning for Heritage Learners”
  • Patty Finnegan and Angela Davila, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction: “State Initiatives Impacting Heritage Language Learners: Dual Language Grants and State Seal of Biliteracy”
  • Linda Egnatz, Executive Director, Global Seal of Biliteracy, and Angela Hasheva, Founder and President of the Bulgarian School of Seattle: “Empowering Heritage Language Communities with the Global Seal of Biliteracy”
  • Nimco Bulale, One America: “Speak Your Language Campaign!”

Click here for the full agenda, slideshow presentations, and additional resources.

2019 Heritage Language Symposium

Saturday, March 16, 2019
  • Keynote speaker: Dr. Eve Zyzik, Department of Languages and Applied Linguistics, University of California, Santa Cruz: “New perspectives on the ‘incomplete acquisition’ debate in heritage language bilingualism”
  • Dr. Eduardo Viana da Silva, Dr. Svetlana Abramova, Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki, Dr, Bridget Yaden, University of Washington Startalk team: “Getting to Advanced: Challenging High School Heritage Language Learners to Step Outside Their Comfort Zone”
  • Dr. Ana Fernández Dobao, Spanish Language Program Director, University of Washington: “Opportunities for Learning in Mixed Heritage/Second Language Classrooms”
  • Dr. Michele Anciaux Aoki, Paris Granville, and Linda Egnatz, Global Seal of Biliteracy: “What does the Seal of Biliteracy Mean to Heritage Language Learners?”


Click here for the full agenda, slideshow presentations, and additional resources.


2018 Heritage Language Symposium

Saturday, February 10, 2018
  • Dr. Maria CarreiraCalifornia State University Long Beach: “Project-based learning and the teaching of heritage learners”
  • Dr. Eduardo Viana da Silva, University of Washington: “Working with Projects in the STARTALK Portuguese through STEM and Project-Based Learning”
  • Dr. Svetlana Abramova, University of Washington: “How to Enrich a Language Program and Motivate Students with Elective Projects”


Click here for the full agenda, slideshow presentations, and additional resources.


2016 Heritage Language Symposium

Saturday, February 23, 2016
  • Paris Granville: “High School-based programs”
  • Meitsu Chuang Mendel, Chunqing Ge, Rhonda Eastman: “Advanced Placement (AP)”
  • Joshua Hansell: “International Baccalaureate (IB)”
  • Hedwige Meyer, Laura Christman, Adi Carlyle: “College in the High School”
  • Anatoliy Klots, Svetlana Abramova: “UW Russian STARTALK Summer Program”
  • Eloise Boyle, Sabrina Tatta: “UW Summer Intensive Language Programs”
  • Sarah Standish, Laura Stahl: “One World Now!
  • Michele Anciauz Aoki, Jennifer Wittenberg, Marta Burnet: “Competency-Based Credits and Seal of Biliteracy”


Click here for the full agenda, slideshow presentations, and additional resources.