Shane Kemeny

Partner Engagement Lead, World Economic Forum


Shane is the Partner Engagement Lead, ICT and Advanced Manufacturing at the World Economic Forum. Growing up in an American military family, Shane was born in Germany and graduated high school in Japan. Shane has seized every opportunity to absorb new cultures, see through different perspectives, and build relationships around the world. Through his career he has worked to advocate and create positive change on behalf of public and private sector organizations both on the ground and at the executive level.

After 5.5 years at Microsoft, Shane pursued his passion for social impact and policy, completing his graduate degree at the University of Washington. While pursuing his MA in International Studies, he worked for both the United States Chamber of Commerce and the United Nations Development Programme, where he focused on creating public-private partnerships with the most influential organizations in the world. Shane continues to apply his consulting and strategy experience in areas related to innovation, digital transformation, sustainability, and public-private sector engagement.