Eric Billies


Eric Billies has built an effective and growth-oriented career with his thoughtful leadership, relevant experience, and program management capabilities, including 20 years of combined Navy Active Duty/Reserve and over 16 years at Booz Allen. He currently leads Booz Allen’s business across the Pacific Northwest managing multiple government and non-government clients. Billies has significant experience and expertise in the areas of digital solutions, IT strategy, unmanned/autonomous systems, defense policy, and program management.

After joining Booz Allen, Billies served in several roles supporting numerous clients affiliated with the Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, CA.  He currently manages an IT and cyber security services contract with the Navy’s largest two public shipyards providing critical 24×7 IT and cybersecurity support.  Billies is also shaping strategy for the Navy’s unmanned undersea vehicle deployment/operations as well as driving immersive technologies (i.e., virtual reality/augmented reality) in support of mission operations and user training for several DoD clients.

Billies’ other positions range from serving as the Secretary of the Navy’s Political-Military advisor to serving as Booz Allen’s Program Manager for a 200-person cross-country contractor team supporting a suite of multi-billion dollar networking radio development projects for the Defense Department.