The International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (ISCNE)

ISCNE: Arctic Crisis

The Arctic is Melting – Can the New ‘Gold Rush’ Be Managed?

The continued melting of the Arctic/North Pole opens up oil and gas exploration, mineral deposits, shipping lanes and air rights, but how will these huge resources be managed across many interests and conflicting economic benefits? Can a land mass more popularly associated with Santa Claus be preserved and protected for all humankind and the animal species that know it as their only home?

Play the role of an Ambassador charged by your home government to negotiate a solution that will serve your national interests yet bring stability and order to a growing rush for gold and to preserving an important ecosystem. Teams are paired with high-level mentors, giving students the opportunity to work closely with senior U.S. diplomats, business executives, military leaders, and UW faculty. The highlight of the event is a two-day simulation exercise (May 13 & 14). A senior U.S. official will play the role of Chief Negotiator. Details coming soon. Leading up to the simulation, students receive background briefings on the Arctic, crisis leadership and decision-making, and negotiation tactics.