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Open Student Position: Language Learning Center Staff Associates

April 26, 2023

The UW Language Learning Center (LLC) has open positions for Staff Associates. See below for a list of qualifications. Qualified applicants should contact Russell Hugo (, Assistant Director of the Language Learning Center, to inquire about openings.

Qualifications for Language Learning Center Staff Associates

Staff Associates for the 2023-2024 academic year will be responsible for 20 hours of work each week in the Language Learning Center between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday-Friday during the eleven weeks of each academic quarter.

Every Staff Associate should have the following skills:

  • Ability to work independently; ability to learn new technologies and find answers to questions quickly and independently
  • Teaching and/or pedagogy experience
  • Competence with basic computer operating systems and applications – word processing/spreadsheets, basic audio editing (e.g., Audacity) and video editing, as well as common utilities such as secure file transfer — including foreign language use in same
  • Basic internet and courseware skills: comfort with basic HTML (CSS, etc. are a plus), experience with a learning management system (e.g., Canvas, Moodle)
  • Comfortable collaborating on projects and possibly leading/managing them
  • Ability to motivate and work with students and faculty using LLC resources
  • Comfortable learning from subordinates, peers, and superiors; willing to share information with others
  • Ability to plan, track, and technically document work
  • Ability to work effectively under occasional pressure
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Ability to independently evaluate and address language department needs

Having one or more of the following additional skills is also required:


  • Website design, administration, programming
  • Digitization of analog audio and video
  • Audio and video recording
  • Computer-Aided Language Learning
  • (CALL) development, especially web-based
  • Programming / Scripting
  • Database design and management
  • Desktop publishing, graphics creation
  • Grant writing

Example technologies/tools/sub-methods

  • Audacity/Audition, Premiere
  • Video production or audio engineering
  • Moodle, Canvas
  • PHP, Java, JS
  • FileMaker Pro, Access, MySQL
  • Photoshop, InDesign
  • Student Tech Fee (STF)

Staff Associates will have the following responsibilities:

  • Actively and effectively facilitate communication between multiple language departments and the LLC
  • Develop one or more technical specializations, and share these skills with other LLC staff and with language departments to maximize the LLC’s technical proficiency
  • Understand and discuss with language departments the role that technology can play in effective language instruction
  • Work with language departments and LLC core staff to coordinate the availability of language learning audio, video, and courseware / learning management software (LMS)
  • Document technical processes and knowledge in a clear and timely fashion, both for historical reference and for excellent ‘how to’ procedures for others on the LLC wiki
  • Independently research new language learning pedagogies and technologies
  • Conduct seminars about LLC resources for language coordinators, instructors, and other LLC staff
  • Actively participate in ongoing strategic planning and achievement of strategic goals
  • Assist LLC patrons in use of LLC resources; troubleshoot audio, video, and computing problems
  • Support LLC infrastructure at all levels
  • Record live audio to computer, edit audio, output to multiple formats, convert analog audio to digital, possibly use audio restorative tools
  • Capture analog and digital video to computer, edit, output in multiple formats
  • Prepare language learning audio and video for online streaming distribution
  • Actively participate in a one-hour weekly seminar and read materials provided in advance when assigned
  • Attend quarterly home department meetings and keep faculty and graduate students apprised of LLC resources and activities
  • Maintain an up-to-date and accurate calendar (Google Calendar), following documented protocols
  • Ensure that all files / folders / apps / physical items that are the responsibility of the ASE, are stored and documented as per the LLC wiki
  • Assist LLC patrons in use of LLC resources; World Language Assessments test days
  • Document projects and activity in quarterly and annual reports