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Emily Peterson is UW’s latest PhD with a SEA focus

March 26, 2015

2015_03_27EmilyPetersonEmily Peterson successfully defended her dissertation titled “Insularity and Adaptation: Investigating the role of exchange and inter-island interaction in the Banda Islands, Indonesia” on March 17. This is an innovative study of changes in social “connectedness” in these small and geographically isolated islands in eastern Indonesia, over the period from initial Neolithic occupation about 3500 years ago up to about 1000 years ago (when the islands become connected to the global spice trade). Emily handled tough questions from her committee with her signature thoughtful competence. Committee members included Peter Lape, Jim Feathers, Ben Marwick, and Laurie Sears (History-GFR). She is pictured here doing isotope analysis for her dissertation research.

Congratulations Dr. Peterson!!