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Chipotle Fundraiser for JSIS Senior

April 6, 2018

Monday, April 9th, 4-8 PM
Chipotle on The Ave (4229 University Way NE)

Last October, JSIS Senior Aylin Eldrin and her family lost their home, business, and almost everything they owned as a result of the Santa Rosa Wildfires. Aylin is currently struggling to balance helping her mother to bring back their income stream and home while also attempting to support herself and finish her studies.

To help Aylin finish her education in light of these extremely difficult circumstances, next , JSSA is hosting a Chipotle fundraiser, and Chipotle will donate 50% of all proceeds from meals purchased in this time frame to Aylin if we are able to reach $300 in sales. In order to ensure that funds are donated to Aylin, customers must tell the cashier that they are supporting the Jackson School Student Association or show them the flyer on the Facebook Event Page.

Please consider participating in this fundraiser with your peers, colleagues, and friends. If you are able to, please also consider donating. You can read Aylin’s full story here.