About CESS

About the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)

Based in North America, CESS is an international organization for scholars and practitioners concerned with the Central Eurasian region. The Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) seeks to promote high standards of research, teaching, and practice, to foster interaction through meetings, publications, and networking among scholars and practitioners at different stages in their career and based in different locations around the world.

Central Eurasia, for our purposes, encompasses Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, Afghanistan, Tibet, Mongolia, Siberia, Inner Asia, Turkey, the Black Sea region, East Europe, Central Europe and the Volga Region. The scholarship that we promote encompasses all humanistic and social science disciplines. It includes research relevant to certain professionals, such as those working in policy, diplomacy, NGOs, aid, development, health, education, medicine, etc.

CESS is the first North American-based scholarly society dedicated to the study of Central Eurasia. The mission of CESS is to facilitate communication and interaction among scholars of the Central Eurasia region, to promote high standards of scholarship about the Central Eurasia region, to promote cooperation among those concerned with the scholarly study of Central Eurasia, and to promote general knowledge of and public interest in Central Eurasia.

In addition to the CESS Annual Conference,  there is the biennial Regional Conference ; annual awards, such as the  Graduate Student Paper AwardBook Award , Public Outreach Award , and  Award for Lifetime Service to the Field . The CESS Blog is a curated forum for informal presentations of research and analyses, for reviews, reports, photo galleries, and thematic discussions.

CESS Website

The Central Eurasian Studies Society maintains its own website, independent of this University of Washington conference website. Please find the CESS website at http://www.centraleurasia.org/.