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Christopher Tounsel, JSIS Interim Director of African Studies, pens a piece titled, “Sudan crisis explained: What’s behind the latest fighting and how it fits nation’s troubled past”

April 18, 2023

Jamal Gabobe: The Wordsmith, News & Information, University of Washington Tacoma

February 8, 2023

Film from UW professors explores a tree poacher, a wildfire, and a complicated story

May 3, 2022

Jackson School News

Winter 2021: Protest, Race and Citizenship across African Worlds

November 17, 2021

Indigenous Blackness in Ambas Américas: The Queer Politics of Self-Making Garifuna New York

June 15, 2021

Works in Progress: Africanist Scholarship in Challenging Times – Graduate student symposium

June 15, 2021

Danny Hoffman quoted – Burkina Faso fighters seek protection with spiritual rituals

April 29, 2021

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