The International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (ISCNE)

ISCNE: North Korean Nuclear Crisis

A Return to Six-Party Talks

The year is 2024. The People’s Republic of China is hosting diplomatic delegations from North Korea, Japan, the Russian Federation, South Korea, and the United States to re-start Six Party Talks and bring an end to the diplomatic standoff over North Korea’s nuclear program. 

Play the role of an Ambassador charged by your home government to negotiate a solution that will serve your national interests and bring peace and stability to the Korean Peninsula. Teams are paired with high-level mentors, giving students the opportunity to work closely with senior U.S. diplomats, business executives, military leaders, and UW faculty. The highlight of the class is a two-day simulation exercise (May 14 & 15). A senior U.S. official will play the role of Chief Negotiator. Details coming soon. Leading up to the simulation, students receive background briefings on the Korean Peninsula, crisis leadership and decision-making, and negotiation tactics.