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Jackson School Journal – Spring 2015

Vol. 6 No.1

spring 2015

Jackson School Journal Spring 2015


  • Simon Walker Co-Editor in Chief
  • Francis Wilson Co-Editor in Chief
  • Irena Chen Editorial Board Member
  • Adam Khan Editorial Board Member
  • Iman Farah Editorial Board Member
  • Evelyn McCorckle Editorial Board Member
  • Anna Mikkelborg Editorial Board Member
  • Anna Robert Editorial Board Member
  • Thomas Zadrozny Editorial Board Member

Letter from the Editor

This issue of the Jackson School Journal contains some of the best written work developed by Jackson School students during the 2014-2015 academic year, as well as two of our strongest Expert Insights interviews to date. We hope that this issue both showcases the highest caliber of Jackson School research and highlights the work of some of the most dynamic individuals working in the professional field.

The issue’s first article, The Separation of Religion and State, offers a fascinating analysis of the delicate balance between religion and state that exists in Japan’s modern legal system. Authored by junior Hannah Schwendeman, this piece is an excellent analysis of how the interaction between modern Japan’s Meiji roots and the legacy of the post-war occupation continues to affect the Japanese Supreme Court today. Originally written for the Law, Societies, and Justice course LSJ 367, Hannah’s paper provides a nuanced look at the history of Japan’s legal system.

Next, we are proud to present a section from one of the Jackson School’s 2015 Task Forces. This issue’s Task Force section comes from Managing Afghanistan’s Mineral Wealth, a Task Force developed by ten students and advised by Professor Scott Montgomery. The section featured in this issue, International Diplomatic Concerns, was written by junior Michael Lane Smith and explores the geopolitical implications of Afghanistan’s abundance of natural resources. Michael’s piece provides our readers with an example of the highest level of policy writing and research produced by undergraduates.

This issue is the first volume of the Journal produced during my tenure as Editor in Chief, and I would like to close by acknowledging the efforts of the amazing team that I have had the pleasure of working with this year. The Journal accepted three new editors to the board this year: Evelyn McCorckle, Anna Robert, and Thomas Zadrozny. As new editors, they have exceeded expectations by all accounts, and have contributed tremendously to the Journal’s work since becoming members of the Editorial Board.

I would also like to acknowledge the efforts of my predecessor Simon Walker, who left the Journal this winter and will graduate in the spring. The success of this issue was made possible through the strong foundation that he built during his tenure as Editor in Chief. His keen attention to detail and absolute dedication to the success of the Jackson School Journal will be sorely missed.

This latest issue of the Journal continues the tradition of academic excellence that has defined the Jackson School Journal since its founding. Dozens of students and faculty helped to make this issue a possibility, and we hope that you enjoy reading the final product of their efforts.


Francis Wilson
Editor in Chief