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Jackson School Journal – Autumn 2014

Vol. 5 No.2

autumn 2014

Jackson School Journal Autumn 2014


  • Simon Walker Co-Editor in Chief
  • Francis Wilson Co-Editor in Chief
  • Irena Chen Editorial Board Member
  • Sarah Foster Editorial Board Member
  • Iman Farah Editorial Board Member
  • Adam Khan Editorial Board Member
  • Anna Mikkelborg Editorial Board Member

Letter from the Editor

The Jackson School Journal is proud to begin this issue by highlighting work from the Jackson School’s Undergraduate Honors Program. Identity Politics in Kumaon, provides a richly detailed examination of development in Uttarakhand. The author’s first-hand experience living in the mountainous region of Northern India, presents a compelling and new account of how economic system and practices of Kumaon have been influenced by their geographic and political isolation.

The Development of the National Referral Mechanism, the second piece featured in this issue, was sourced by the editorial board from the International Conference of Undergraduate Research. Originally written for an economics course at Singapore Management University, The Development of the National Referral Mechanism addresses inconsistencies between China’s domestic policy and the international and regional agreements that China is a party to and concludes with policy recommendations intended to curb human trafficking in the region.

The third and final paper takes an original look at something that has been around as long as the earliest of civilizations—street art. Graffiti and Street Art in the Middle East uses contemporary pieces of protest art in conjunction with a theoretical analysis of the concepts of power to provide the reader with an interesting discussion on the importance of graffiti as an expression of resistance in the region.

Expert Insights interviews with two new members of the Jackson School faculty, professors Daniel Bessner and Rebecca Weber complete this issue of the Journal.

The diversity of the topics included in this issue of the Journal acts both as a testament to the interdisciplinary nature of Jackson School curricula, and to the outstanding work that Jackson School students—and other undergraduates—are capable of producing. As the Journal enters its sixth year in production, the Editorial Board looks to continue to provide a bridge for undergraduates to engage with the academic community at the Jackson School and beyond, improve upon quality scholarship, and grow as individuals and intellectuals.

Simon Walker
Editor in Chief