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PANEL | Germany After Merkel – Assessing the 2021 Elections

October 8, 2021

After 16 years of Merkel’s chancellorship, the Bundestag elections on September 26 will bring about new coalition formations and uncertainties about the policy course of Germany and Europe. How the country will position itself in terms of addressing climate change, countering antidemocratic challengers, safeguarding the welfare state and a competitive economy, and providing leadership in Europe and beyond, is up for debate.

In the post-election panel on “Germany after Merkel” on Tuesday, October 5, 2021, three outstanding experts in German politics—Joyce Mushaben, Christiane Lemke, and Sarah Lohmann—discussed the aforementioned questions in a conversation moderated by Sabine Lang, Professor of European Politics at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies and Director of the Center for West European Studies, a Jean Monnet Center of Excellence.

This event was presented by UW Center for West European Studies and the UW Department of German Studies in partnership with Goethe Pop Up Seattle.