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Summer Intensive Language – open to all

View of Drumheller fountain with blue sky and puffy clouds announcing summer classes!

June 2, 2023

UW students and non-UW students (including high school students) can register and take our summer courses.  All intensive Japanese language courses will be in-person ONLY this summer. Learn about the summer quarter application process and registration here. Each course covers roughly the same material that is offered in our equivalent nine-month course that span the academic year.  For Summer registration and fee information, please visit this page.

See the Summer 2023 Time Schedule for the most up-to-date and current information.

Summer Full Term (A and B):

  • JAPANESE 134: First-year intensive (summer full term)
  • JAPANESE 234: Second-year intensive (summer full term)
  • JAPANESE 334: Third-year intensive (summer full term)

Summer Term A Only Courses:

    • JAPAN 325 A: Introduction to Modern Japanese Film (Distance Learning, A Term)