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2018 Graduating Cohort at Jackson School Japan Studies

May 21, 2018

Meet the JSIS Japan Studies MA program graduates by reading short interviews with them, below.

Tiancui Liu

Tiancui came from China where his major at the undergraduate level was international politics. He is interested in Japan’s political party system as well as the change in status of the emperor after the Second World War.

Read Tiancui’s Student Spotlight Interview


James Darnbrook

James comes from the UK where he completed his undergraduate education at Loughborough University with a BA in History/Politics. After living, studying and working in Japan for several years he joined the Japan Studies program. His areas of interest are the occupation of Japan, and current Japanese politics and international relations.

Read James’ Student Spotlight Interview


Devin Mack

Devin pursued research into movements pertaining to social and political equity in Japan, as well as changing perspectives and narratives on nationalism and colonialism in East Asia.

Read Devin’s Student Spotlight Interview


Mackenzie McMillan

After working as an Assistant Language Teacher on the JET Program from 2013-2016, Mackenzie became interested in English education in Japan and the accompanying political policies. He is also interested in social issues in Japan such as LGBT and minority rights.

Read Mackenzie’s Student Spotlight Interview