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Martha Lane Walsh Nominated for UW Distinguished Staff Award

February 11, 2023

Martha Lane Walsh is nominated for the UW Distinguished Staff Award for her work starting as a senior in High School at the Journal of Japanese Studies (JJS) and the UW Japan Program. Here are some short excerpts from the much longer nomination, ending with a summary statement.

“For almost the entire span of 48 years of JJS, its mainstay has been Martha Walsh, a person who from the beginning struck me as having almost unbelievable competence, good judgement, and organizational ability. During her long tenure the Journal became the leading journal of the field of Japanese studies…She goes about her work in a low-key, efficient way, ever thoughtful of others, never a harsh word for anyone. She is a person of sterling character,” said JJS’s founder. “Martha is the heart and soul of the Journal of Japanese Studies,” “Martha is the Journal,” “As editors have come and gone, Martha Walsh has been the unwobbling pivot maintaining its reputation as a world-class publication, a jewel in the crown of UW,” say other former co-editors and Board members.

“I have never worked with anyone as competent, reliable, efficient, and caring about her work and its impact as Martha. She does more impeccably high-quality work in half the time it takes others,” explains one chair of the UW Japan Program.  “It is not an exaggeration to say the UW Japan Studies Program would not have survived through the many years and challenges without her,” said a former Program chair.

“Martha has been the Gold Standard at UW for 45 years. In her work for the Japan Studies Program and the Journal of Japanese Studies Martha has been the Rock, the rudder, steering the Journal and the Program, keeping them at the top of their fields while chairs and co-editors have come and gone. Her perfectionist-level work, tireless dedication, and outstanding care for everything she does has benefitted thousands of students, chairs, professors, editors and JSIS staff and Directors over 45 years, and her steady hand running the Journal of Japanese Studies has greatly contributed to knowledge of Japan globally.”