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MA series recordings available!

overhead view of bowl of creamy soup with leaves and flower garnish in center. A wooden spoon lays across the matchstick placemat

November 12, 2021

On Oct 27th, Ken Tadashi Oshima (UW) joined Hitoshi Abe (UCLA) to host Prairie Stuart-Wolff for the third event of JAPAN HOUSE LA’s lecture series on the application of MA (time/space consciousness) in a variety of cultural spheres.  If you missed the event, a recording is now available, along with previous lectures in this series!

Professors Hitoshi Abe and Ken Tadashi Oshima, hosts of the Rethinking of MA series, moderate the conversation with Stuart-Wolff, discussing the importance of MA/seasonality in the choice of ingredients, MA/the symbiotic relationship between food and the dishes in which it is served, and the rituals of the table that guide how food is received. The webinar concludes with an audience Q&A. Check out the full webinar in the link below.

Next in the series: MA in Contemporary Music coming this winter.