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Japan Studies Alumni donates to Jackson School Graduates

March 27, 2017

Tracy Timmons-Gray (MA Japan Studies 2003) lives in Seattle and recently made a book donation of over 50 volumes to JSIS graduate students. She realized that in going through her library for an upcoming move it struck her that she could lighten her load and benefit students at the same time. “I had a solid collection of my Japan Studies-related books from my time at UW, including many books I used for my thesis. Rather than sell them, it would be much better to share them with Jackson School graduate students,” she said. “I really treasured my time at the Jackson School, and all the knowledge and resources I picked up while I was there. It’s nice to have an opportunity to pass along books in case they may be helpful to current students.” After finishing her MA, Tracy worked for over ten years at The National Bureau of Asian Research, a Seattle-based US-Asia policy think tank. In 2014, she joined  the Collective Impact Forum, a nonprofit field-building initiative hosted in partnership by FSG and the Aspen Institute Forum for Community Solutions. Tracy serves as the Forum’s Community and Program Senior Manager.