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Recording available: Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture with Phillip Y. Lipscy on Japan’s Climate Change Policy

March 16, 2023

Lecture recording available HERE.

REGISTER NOW for the April 12, 2023 special lecture event ‘Stagnation or Renewal? Japan’s Energy and Climate Change Policy’ with Phillip Y. Lipscy as he walks us through Japan’s response to climate change. Once heralded for responding effectively to the 1970s energy crisis through  ambitious energy conservation and diversification —  which culminated in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol — by 2010 the country was widely criticized as a climate change laggard  as it struggled to reduce emissions and sank to the bottom of international climate change rankings. Lipscy examines why Japan has struggled to make progress on decarbonization, the impact of the war in Ukraine on Japan’e energy transitions, and what lessons Japan’s experience holds for other countries.

Griffith and Patricia Way. Lake Washington in the background.

Griffith and Patricia Way in Seattle.

The UW Japan Studies Program is home to the Griffith and Patricia Way Lecture series. Since its establishment in 2006 in honor of the Ways, this series has featured distinguished scholars in the field of Japan Studies in areas which include history, literature, political science, economics, and art. Read more about the Ways contribution to the furthering of understanding and knowledge of Japan on our website.