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Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibit Opens in Aomori

May 7, 2024

An exhibit curated by Department of Architecture Professor Ken Tadashi Oshima has opened at a new venue in Aomori. An announcement in the Asahi Shimbun (2.13.2024 print issue) stated “‘The Imperial Hotel at 100: Frank Lloyd Wright and the World,’ the major exhibition curated by Professor Ken Tadashi Oshima, opened at its third Japanese venue:  Aomori Museum of Art (Aomori City, Aomori) March 20 – May 12, 2024. The museum, located adjacent to the Sannai Maruyama jomon village, features earthen floors to complement the character of Wright’s ‘Organic architecture.’  The exhibition has been extremely well-received with major reviews in the Asahi Newspaper and Bijutsu Techo and expected to receive more than 100,000 visitors.”

Read more about Oshima’s history of curating exhibitions highlighting Wright’s work in this Japan Studies post from November 2023.

More information about the current exhibition is available at the Aomori Museum of Art’s website.