Faculty Associates


  • Gunnar Almgren

    Professor Emeritus, Social Work and Social Welfare - The School of Social Work

    Research Interests: Race, ethnicity, social class and health outcomes; health and health care policy; medical social work; aging and bioethics.

  • Rawan Arar

    Assistant Professor, Law Societies & Justice

    Research Interests: Refugees, displacement, states, rights, international migration.


  • James A. Banks

    Kerry and Linda Killinger Endowed Chair in Diversity Studies

    (206) 543-3386

    Director of Center for Multicultural Education

    Research Interests: Multicultural education in the U. S. and in other nations; diversity and citizenship education in multicultural nation-states.

  • David Barash

    Professor, Department of Psychology

    (206) 543-8784

    Research Interests: Sociobiology, animal behavior, evolutionary psychology, peace studies

  • Katherine Beckett

    Professor, Law, Societies & Justice and Sociology

    (206) 543-4461

    Chair, Law, Societies & Justice Department

    Research Interests: Crime, law and deviance; culture and media; political sociology; gender; drug use; socio-legal studies; punishment; social control.

  • Dan Berger

    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352-3744

    Research Interests: Critical race theory, twentieth century U.S. social movements, and critical prison studies.

  • Rachel Berney

    Assistant Professor, Urban Design and Planning

    (206) 685-4057

    Research Interests: Sustainable design and development in international context, urbanism, narrative roles of built landscapes.

  • Michael Blake

    Professor of Philosophy and Public Policy & Governance

    (206) 221-7859

    Research Interests: Immigration, international justice, and multiculturalism.

  • Sharan Brown

    Research Professor, College of Education

    (206) 685-4010

    Adjunct Research Professor, School of Law

    Research Interests: Children’s rights and legal development in Southeast Asia; national and international disability rights.


  • Angel Cabrera Silva

    Acting Assistant Professor of International Law and Human Rights, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-4544

    Research Interests: Law and social movements; creative uses of international human rights law; activist-research methods; indigenous rights in Latin-America.

  • Angélica Cházaro

    Assistant Professor, School of Law

    (206) 543-8754

    Research Interests: Immigration and Refugee Law

  • Ching-In Chen

    Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352- 3865

    Research Interests: Creative writing and history with a focus on Asian American communities in coalition with other communities of color and LGBTQIA* communities.

  • Daniel Chriot

    Herbert J. Ellison Professor of Russian and Eurasian Studies

    (206) 685-2412

    Research Interests: Ethnic and nationalist conflicts; politically motivated mass murder.

  • Patrick Christie

    Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs and Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 685-6661

    Research Interests: The human dimensions of marine conservation employing marine protected areas, ecosystem-based management, and conservation fishing technologies; indigenous-led climate change social movements

  • Rachel Cichowski

    Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

    (206) 543-4949

    Associate Professor, Law, Societies & Justice

    Research Interests: Comparative law and politics; international law and organization; transnational mobilization; democratization and globalization around the world

  • Robert Crawford

    Professor Emeritus, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma Campus

    Research Interests: U.S. torture policy; national security; war and ideology; culture

  • Sara Curran

    Professor, International Studies & Evans School of Government & Public Affairs

    (206) 459-9236

    Director, Center for Studies in Demography & Ecology

    Research Interests: Social demography; gender; environment; development and globalization; internal migration in developing countries; family demography; population


  • Bill Daniell

    Associate Professor Emeritus, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences

    (206) 395-8294

    Research Interests: Environmental and occupational health problems in Southeast Asia, workplace noise exposure and noise-induced hearing loss; community based research and action projects

  • Bonnie Duran

    Professor, School of Social Work & Director, Center for Indigenous Health Research (a part of the Indigenous Wellness Research Institute)

    (206) 685-8223

    Adjunct Professor, School of Public Health

    Research Interests: Public health education, evaluation, program planning and research with Native Americans and other communities


  • Mary Fan

    Henry M. Jackson Professor of Law & Core Faculty, Harborview Injury Prevention & Research Center

    (206) 685-4971

    Research Interests: Criminal Law and Procedure; Immigration and Refugee Law; International Criminal Law and Procedure; Police; Prosecution

  • René D. Flores

    Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

    (206) 543-9882

    Research Interests: International migration, race and ethnicity, and social stratification.

  • Kirsten Foot

    Professor, Department of Communication and adjunct faculty in the Information School

    (206) 543-4837

    Research Interests: Different aspects of the relationship between information and communication technologies, organizing processes, and society. In her current research, she brings her expertise on organizing processes and digital technologies to bear in studying worldwide efforts to combat human trafficking, and multi-sector collaboration in the anti-human trafficking movement in the U.S.

  • Michael Forman

    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-5650

    Research Interests: Modern European culture and ideas; critical theory; political economy

  • Vanessa Freije

    Assistant Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    Research Interests: 20th century Mexican politics, journalism, cultural and intellectual history of Mexico City

  • Batya Friedman

    Professor, Information School

    (206) 616-7210

    Co-Director, Value Sensitive Design Research Lab

    Research Interests: Multi-lifespan information systems design; value sensitive design; social-cognitive and cultural aspects of information systems; human-computer interaction

  • Kathie Friedman

    Associate Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 543-1709

    Research Interests: Comparative forced migrations and immigration, particularly to the United States and the EU, with a focus on ethnic and political incorporation.


  • Maria Elena Garcia

    Associate Professor, Comparative History of Ideas & Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 221-0561

    Chair, Comparative History of Ideas

    Research Interests: Indigeneity; multicultural politics; development in the Andes; indigenous intellectual production; human-animal articulations

  • Stephen Gardiner

    Professor, Philosophy & Ben Rabinowitz Endowed Professor of Human Dimensions of the Environment

    (206) 221-6459

    Director, Program on Values in Society

    Research Interests: Future generations; global environmental problems (especially climate change); Aristotelian virtue ethics

  • Ben Gardner

    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352-3591

    Chair, African Studies

    Research Interests: The cultural politics of the environment, political economy of development, and the post-colonial state; gender and development, land rights and transnational investment, and the links between community, landscapes, and activism

  • Christoph Giebel

    Associate Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies & Deptartment of History

    (206) 543-6885

    Research Interests: Viet Nam; Southeast Asia; human rights in Asia; imperialism, war, and anti-colonialism.

  • Stephen Gloyd

    Professor, Global Health & Health Services

    (206) 543-8382

    Research Interests: Infectious disease epidemiology (STD, TB, EPI); health systems research; political economy of global health care; impact and equity in health care; neoliberalism and health

  • Angelina Snodgrass Godoy

    Professor, International Studies and Law, Societies & Justice

    (206) 685-3435

    Helen H. Jackson Chair in Human Rights & Director of Center for Human Rights

    Research Interests: Law and society; Latin America, especially Central America; human rights and trade; health as a human right; labor rights; environmental justice

  • Sara Goering

    Associate Professor, Philosophy

    (206) 616-2102

    Graduate Program Coordinator, Philosophy

    Research Interests: Biomedical ethics, disability studies, feminist philosophy, and philosophy for children.

  • Ricardo Gomez

    Associate Professor, iSchool

    (206) 685-1372

    Research Interests: Information Technology in Developing Countries; Qualitative Methods; Technology and Social Change

  • Alejandra Gonza

    Law Lecturer

    Director, International Human Rights Clinic, UW School of Law

    Research Interests: Alejandra Gonza directs the International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Washington School of Law. Previously she served as a senior attorney at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and as a staff attorney at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Gonza has also worked as a consultant to non-governmental human rights organizations based in Latin America and the United States. In 2012, she was appointed Commissioner of the Seattle Human Rights Commission. Gonza completed her legal studies at the National University of Tucumán (Argentina) and the University of Salamanca (Spain), and earned her master’s degree in human rights from Pontifical University of Salamanca (Spain).

  • Maryam Griffin

    Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

    Research Interests: The movement of ordinary people--both physical and political--and how they confront law and state power in quotidian and spectacular ways


  • Amy Hagopian

    Professor, Global Health and Health Services

    (206) 616-4989

    Director, Community Oriented Public Health Practice

    Research Interests: War, health policy, program evaluation and public health skills; migration of health workers from poor countries to rich ones, and homelessness and incarceration as health issues

  • Rachel Hershberg

    Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-4955

    Research Interests: Community psychology; Participatory research with youth and families; Transnational and mixed-status migrant families and influences of U.S. detention and deportation policies on families; Critical consciousness development among adolescents and young adults.

  • Danny Hoffman

    Director, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 543-4628

    Professor, International Studies and Comparative History of Ideas

    Research Interests: Visual anthropology; violence and militarism; experimental ethnography; West Africa

  • Judith Howard

    Professor Emeritus, Sociology

    (206) 543-2245

    Professor of Sociology

    Research Interests: Social psychology; social cognition; sociology of gender; intersections of race, class, gender and sexuality; pedagogy


  • Lucy Jarosz

    Professor, Department of Geography

    (206) 543-7933

    Chair, Department of Geography

    Research Interests: Food and hunger at the intersections of critical development studies and critical agro-food studies; political economy and ecology; feminist theory and cultural studies.


  • Resat Kasaba

    Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 221-2002

    Research Interests: Economic history, state-society relations, migration, ethnicity and nationalism of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey; urban history with a focus on Izmir.

  • Aaron Katz

    Principal Lecturer Emeritus, Health Systems and Population Health

    (206) 616-5227

    Research Interests: Health policy; health sector leadership; social/political determinants; health system market change; health care costs and access, health sector education and training

  • Emily Keller

    Librarian, Political Science, Public Policy and Human Rights

    (206) 685-2660

    Research Interests: Political science; public affairs; Law, Societies and Justice; international studies; military science.

  • Ron Krabill

    Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352-3592

    Research Interests: Electronic, independent and transnational media; scholarship of teaching and learning; questions of digital, public humanities.


  • Clark Lombardi

    UW Law Foundation Professor of Law

    (206) 543-4939

    Director, Islamic Legal Studies

    Research Interests: Islamic law; constitutional law; federalism; comparative law; development law.

  • George Lovell

    Divisional Dean of Social Sciences

    (206) 543-8144

    Professor, Department of Political Science

    Research Interests: American political institutions, law, constitutional development, labor, and the impact of law and legal ideology on struggles for power.

  • Jose Antonio Lucero

    Associate Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 616-1643

    Chair, Comparative History of Ideas

    Research Interests: Indigenous politics, social movements, and representation in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru.


  • Jamie Mayerfeld

    Professor, Political Science

    (206) 543-4717

    Adjunt Professor, Law Societies and Justice

    Research Interests: Philosophy of human rights; the global institutional architecture needed to give human rights adequate protection; International Criminal Court; the European human rights regime; justifications of international human rights law and international criminal law; the origins of the U.S. torture policy; the absolute moral prohibition of torture.

  • Michael McCann

    Professor Emeritus, Political Science

    (206) 543-2377

    Gordon Hirabayashi Professor for the Advancement of Citizenship

    Research Interests: Civil rights of workers, women, racial and ethnic minorities; critical rights theory; law and social struggle; legal mobilization and civil disputing; labor politics.

  • Benjamin Meiches

    Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-4525

    Research Interests: Global politics; armed conflict, genocide, and the development of international law; courses taught about political violence, human rights, and international theory.

  • Stephpen Meyers

    Assistant Professor, Law Societies and Justice & Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 616-8151

    Research Interests: Disability; human rights; international studies; social justice; sociology; grassroots associations; global civil society; inclusive development

  • Adam Moore

    Associate Professor, iSchool

    (206) 221-6141

    Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy

    Research Interests: Information ethics, philosophy of law, normative ethics, Social and Political Theory.


  • Amos Nascimento

    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma Campus

    (253) 692-4555

    Research Interests: Critical theory/discourse ethics and its applications to morality and politics (especially human rights and cosmopolitanism) as well as to cultural and environmental issues (ethics and aesthetics); cultural and philosophical issues related to Europe (especially Germany) and Latin America (especially Brazil).

  • Elavie Ndura

    Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-4861

    Professor of Education

    Research Interests: Conflict transformation, multicultural peace education, and peacebuilding in Africa (particularly Burundi).

  • Joel Ngugi

    Affiliate Professor of Law

    (206) 543-7611

    Research Interests: The role of law in economic development; the role of goverment in market regulation and wealth allocation; legal reforms in transition and developing economies


  • Arzoo Osanloo

    Associate Professor, Law, Societies & Justice

    (206) 543-1102

    Director, Middle East Center at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    Research Interests: Human rights, women’s rights, Islamic law, refugees, Iran.


  • Glenda Pearson

    Human Rights Librarian, Emeritus

  • Michael Vicente Perez

    Lecturer, Department of Anthropology

    (206) 543-5240

    Research Interests: Migration and displacement, ethnicity and nationalism, memory, violence, human rights, Muslim societies and Islam.

  • Janet Primomo

    Associate Professor Emeritus, Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-4475

    Research Interests: Political astuteness in nurses; long-term outcomes of Nurse Camp participation.


  • Anita Ramasastry

    Professor, School of Law

    (206) 616-8441

    Henry M. Jackson Endowed Professor of Law; Director, Graduate Program in Sustainable International Development

    Research Interests: Business and human rights, anti-corruption and commercial law and development; the accountability of economic actors in conflict and weak-governance zones

  • Chandan Reddy

    Associate Professor, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Comparative History of Ideas

    (206) 543-7985

    Research Interests: Asian American; Critical Race Theory; Global Studies; Globalization Studies; Queer Studies; Sexuality

  • Theresa Rocha Beardall

    Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

    (206) 543-6013

    Research Interests: Dr. Rocha Beardall’s research bridges the areas of race, law, inequality, policing, state violence, indigeneity, and tribal sovereignty. Her scholarship is motivated by a commitment to better understand how law, legal institutions, and legal actors marginalize select racial groups in order to help reduce and reverse these systemic inequalities.


  • Laurie Sears

    Professor Emertitus, History

    Research Interests: Indonesia, Southeast Asia, psychoanalysis, colonialism, historiography.

  • Julie Shayne

    Teaching Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352-3182

    Research Interests: Gender, revolution/resistance, and feminism in Latin America and the diaspora.

  • Cynthia Steele

    Professor Emeritus, Comparative Literature

    (206) 616-4085

    Research Interests: Social change and human rights in Latin American literature and film.

  • Marc Stern

    Affiliate Assistant Professor, Health Services

    (360) 701-6520

    Consultant, Correctional Health Care

    Research Interests: Correctional health care

  • Stuart Streichler

    Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352-3203

    Research Interests: Constitutional history, American political thought, civil liberties, law and race.

  • David Suarez

    Associate Professor, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance

    (206) 221-1058

    Research Interests: Management in international and local NGOs; public-nonprofit partnerships in national parks; education and the human rights movement


  • Barbara Toews

    Assistant Professor, Social Work and Criminal Justice, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-5639

    Research Interests: Restorative justice philosophy and practices, victim offender dialogue, prisons and corrections, environmental design and psycho-social-behavioral impacts (esp. as it relates to prisons)

  • Stewart Tolnay

    Professor, Department of Sociology

    (206) 685-2284

    Research Interests: Demography and ecology; the Great Migration of southerners to the North and West; the history of racial violence in the southern U.S..


  • Geoffrey Wallace

    Associate Professor, Political Science

    (206) 616-3663

    Research Interests: International security and international law with a focus on the conduct of actors during armed conflict

  • Camille Walsh

    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell

    (425) 352-3352

    Director, Masters of Arts in Policy Studies

    Research Interests: The interdisciplinary intersections of law, inequality, race and class and the implications of particular historical processes on social justice movements

  • Jonathan Warren

    Professor, Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies

    (206) 685-1518

    Research Interests: Education, Race, Ethnicity and Nationalism, Cultural Studies, and Qualitative Research Methods

  • Charles Williams

    Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma

    (253) 692-4790

    Research Interests: U.S. labor politics, radicalism and political culture in the 1930s, and the politics of alternative economic development in the contemporary United States

  • Louis Wolcher

    Charles I. Stone Professor of Law

    (206) 543-0600

    Emeritus Professor of Law

    Research Interests: Philosophy of law, legal and political theory, human rights.


  • Megan Ybarra

    Associate Professor, Department of Geography

    (206) 543-5843

    Research Interests: Philosophy of law, legal and political theory, human rights.