Camille Walsh

Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Bothell , Director, Masters of Arts in Policy Studies



Camille Walsh’s research is centered on the interdisciplinary intersections of law, inequality, race and class and the implications of particular historical processes on social justice movements around access to education. She has spent the last several years immersed in the ramifications for educational policy of unequal and racialized taxation and funding in K-12 public schools, and her book on this subject, Racial Taxation: Schools, Segregation and Taxpayer Citizenship, 1869-1973 was published by University of North Carolina Press in early 2018. Racial Taxation argues that the identity “taxpayer” has been far from neutral in U.S. history and law, and was deeply linked to white privilege, educational segregation and inequality throughout the 20th century and despite seemingly transformative legal rulings like Brown v. Board of Education. She has also begun research on her next book, Race, Place and Price: Tuition Segregation and Public University Financing in the U.S., which examines the limitations on mobility, access and opportunity in state-funded institutions of higher education historically and especially legally, and how students – and taxpayers – have both challenged and shaped the mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion inherent in the distribution of public higher education resources.