Center for Human Rights

Private transportation company MVM, Inc. has worked with ICE to transport unaccompanied children and family units. Documented abuses occurring during transit continue. In response to UWCHR's requests for documents related to abuses of separated families while in transit, ICE has...On Apr 22, 2022, claimed it had not located any of its invoices for payments made to MVM Inc. for services rendered in WA state – despite ICE’s own documents describing WA separation cases, in at least one case annotated “MVM” to indicate the company’s role. In July 2022, in response to UWCHR’s appeal of this determination, posted information to its website indicating the appeal would be resolved by Aug 8, 2022. Since July 2022, UWCHR has had no further communication from ICE regarding this request.

What’s ICE Hiding? – Family Separation in WA State 2