Student Research

Task Force

Task Force student teams research a contemporary global issue or international policy. With some guidance from a faculty instructor, students take responsibility for defining the scope of work, conducting desk reviews, analyzing primary and secondary sources, synthesizing and critiquing background material, and writing both descriptive and argumentative essays. Written work is produced with tight deadlines and undergoes multiple revisions.  Through this experience, students improve their ability to critically research and evaluate information, and also to condense their writing into brief, policy memo style reports. Due to the reports critical nature and real world recommendations, past Task Force research briefs have gone on to inform the US state departments, local governments, and policy leaders. All previous Task Force reports are publicly available through the University of Washington ResearchWorks Repository. More information on the Task Force program can be found on the Jackson School website.


Applied Research Projects (ARP)

Applied Research Projects (ARP) pair local organizations with International Studies student research teams. ARP teams provide cost-effective consulting to clients using an international perspective, employing critical analyses to evaluate the political, cultural, and economic factors influencing their regional and global operations. Students hone their research skills to include interviewing, data and statistical analyses, developing literature reviews, and more. Final deliverables include at least a written report of findings and a set of high-level recommendations to increase the efficiency and impact of the targeted programs. Past partner organizations include Microsoft, williamsworks, Starbucks, Construction for Change, and GlobalWA.


Jackson School Journal (JSJ)

The Jackson School Journal is a semiannual print and online publication that serves undergraduates by showcasing high quality independent, original research and providing a forum to engage the academic and policy-making community in meaningful dialogue. Submissions range in both content and structure; the Journal publishes policy briefings, research discourses, and academic coursework from the Jackson School, and students have published their findings from research across the world. Recent publications are listed below for download.

The Jackson School Journal has a student-publication extension, the Correspondence, which highlights community members’ stories while traveling, studying, and working. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni submit stories describing their experiences with noteworthy news events, outlining struggles with their research in new contexts, exploring their work and internship experiences, and providing expert commentary on current events. The Correspondence website is currently under construction and will begin accepting new community stories soon!

For more information or questions concerning the Journal or Correspondence, please email