Noah Gruenert

FLAS Fellow


Noah Gruenert is a recipient of the Academic Year 2021-2022 Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship. The award provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students with financial support to develop fluency in less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) and expertise in the regions in which these languages are spoken. Click here to learn more.

My name is Noah Gruenert, and I’m an undergraduate double majoring in the Jackson School and the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization. My focus is on the Persian and Russian languages, specifically on their intersection in Central Asia.

I can gratefully say that my Russian studies this year will be funded by a FLAS award from the Jackson School Global Studies Center. I appreciate how the Jackson School emphasizes the wealth of perspectives others have to offer, teaching students to understand different viewpoints and to incorporate them into their own lives through critical thinking. I would recommend that students interested in studying critical languages do so with full gusto, and with an open mind to understand the lives of people in places worlds apart from their own.

I hope to apply the linguistic and cultural familiarity I have collected at the University of Washington by becoming a diplomat.

Majors: NELC, and JSIS General (REECAS)
Minors: Mathematics, and Russian
Graduation: Spring 2022