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JSIS in the Media | Year in review

September 24, 2021

As the Jackson School prepares for the return of in-person classes this autumn, it also takes the time to reflect on its diverse contributions to public discourse.  Below are recent known media mentions of Jackson School faculty, staff, and programs from September 2020 to September 2021. Please explore and enjoy!

Sept. 13, 2021 – American Institute for Contemporary German Studies

Sarah Lohmann analyzes German elections and energy policy in her article, “Germany Has a Math Problem, and It’s about to Get Worse.”


Sept. 11, 2021 – Seattle Times

In an opinion piece titled, “On 9/11, it’s hard to see America’s ‘nation building’ as a force for good,” Reşat Kasaba explores “then and now” on the 20thanniversary of the 9/11 attack on the U.S.


Sept. 10, 2021 – KBTC (PBS in Tacoma)
In a pre-recorded interview with Northwest Now, Reşat Kasaba is featured in an episode titled,
“Remembering 9/11” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the event. Watch it here.
(Interview starts at the 5:00 minute mark.)


Sept. 8, 2021 – Middle East Monitor
Arzoo Osanloo is the guest speaker in conversation with the Middle East Monitor in a live event discussing her new book, Forgiveness Work: Mercy, Law, and Victims’ Rights in Iran (Princeton University Press, 2020).


Sept. 7, 2021 – The New Republic
In his article titled, “The Case Against Humane War,” Daniel Bessner analyzes how the turn toward “precision” combat has promoted endless war in a book review of, Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War, by the Yale historian and law professor Samuel Moyn.


Sept. 2, 2021 – Deutsche Welle
Niko Switek, DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor, talks with “Inside Europe” about the upcoming Sept. 26 national election in Germany, which is the first without Angela Merkel on the ballot in 16 years. (Interview begins at minute 12:00.)


Aug. 31, 2021 – US Army War College 9/11 “Never Forget” Series

Sarah Lohmann, as part of the U.S. Army War College “Never Forget” opinion piece series, takes a look back to the day of 9/11 and forward to the threat of cyber war and to NATO nations in “9/11 Then & Now – Thoughts on Readiness.”


Aug. 31, 2021 – The Conversation

In an article titled, “Afghanistan has vast mineral wealth but faces steep challenges to tap it” Scott L. Montgomery looks at the opportunities and difficulties of the country harnessing its mineral resources past and present in contributing to a functioning economy.


Aug. 31, 2021 – Global Policy

Scott L. Montgomery unpacks some uncomfortable truths about the U.S. war in and withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the trajectory and role of the Taliban as it becomes the legitimate authority of Afghanistan in his article “Uncomfortable Thoughts on the Fall of Afghanistan.


Aug. 30, 2021 – The Nation

Daniel Bessner pens an article titled, “Can We Live Without Twitter?” that analyzes if there is a way to have the good without the bad of the Twitter platform, an important space for political conversations.


Aug. 30, 2021 – The American Purpose

In his latest article titled, “Blaming Big Oil: Righteous and Wrong,” Scott L. Montgomery asserts for climate progressives and activists, this year has been mixed and more complicated than it appears.


Aug. 19, 2021 – Global News (Canada)
In a podcast series “China Rising” by Global News (Canada), James Lin features in an episode titled “Taiwan, a ‘potential flashpoint’ for wider military conflict.”


Aug. 12, 2021 – Global Policy

In his latest article titled, “Billionaires Aloft,“ Scott L. Montgomery explores why billionaires seem to have an obsession with space travel.


Aug. 11, 2021 – Seattle Times
In an article titled, “UW human rights report questions compliance with state law restricting cooperation with immigration officials,” the University of Washington’s Center for Human Rights new research report, titled Protecting Immigrant Rights: Is Washington’s Law Working?, is featured.


Aug. 11, 2021 – KNKX

In “WA law enforcement continues to violate Keep Washington Working Act by feeding info to ICE” the University of Washington’s Center for Human Rights new research report is featured.


Aug. 11, 2021 – KUOW
In “WA law enforcement agencies still cooperate with ICE, despite state law banning“ Angelina Godoy, is interviewed.


Aug. 1, 2021 – Al Jazeera
In “Six months after Myanmar coup, battle for diplomatic recognition,” Mary Callahan is quoted.


July 22, 2021 – Seattle Times
David Bachman is the sole quote in The Seattle Times editorial board article titled “International condemnation of Microsoft hack points the way on China.”


July 22, 2021 – La Jornada (The Working Day)
In her article, “Manuel Buendía: To Kill a Journalist,” Vanessa Freije analyzes the 1984 assassination of Mexico’s most famous journalist, Manuel Buendía, and connects it to the current situation for reporters in the country.


July 17, 2021 – Asia Times
In “‘Everyone is dying’: Myanmar on the brink of decimation,” Mary Callahan writes about the desperate need in Myanmar for an international health intervention at a time when the country’s military regime seems content to let the people die.


June 22, 2021– Global Policy
Scott L. Montgomery offers reasons to be optimistic about global ageing as a demographic change in his latest article titled, “Ageing Societies Are Not the End of the World.”


June 9, 2021 – The Conversation
In his article “How Joe Biden could increase pressure on Vladimir Putin if their June 16 meeting fails to deter Russia’s ‘harmful’ behavior” Scott L. Montgomery analyzes current U.S.-Russia relations and potential next steps by the Biden administration.


June 1, 2021 – Noria Research

In her article titled, “The Hard Work of Fraud. Winning Elections and Losing Legitimacy in Chihuahua,” Vanessa Freije analyzes Mexico’s upcoming elections. A Spanish version of the article is available here: “El arduo trabajo de hacer fraude. Ganar elecciones y perder legitimidad en Chihuahua.“


May 31, 2021 – NPR
In “Civilians in Myanmar fight back against authoritative regime,” Mary Callahan is interviewed.


May 28, 2021 – The Hill

In his opinion piece “In Afghanistan, all we are saying is ‘give peace a chance’, former Jackson School Lecturer Mark Ward, currently country director in Afghanistan for the International Medical Corps and a retired Foreign Service Career Minister, credits Jackson School doctoral student Lucas Olson for contributing research.


May 25, 2021 – NPR
Mary Callahan is interviewed in a segment titled, “As resistance to Myanmar’s coup grows, the country slips further into chaos” at a time when more than 800 civilians in Myanmar had been killed by security forces since the February coup and members of the U.N. Security Council were told Myanmar stands at the brink of state failure.


May 13, 2021 – Northwest Asian Weekly
In “The Big Lie in Volunteer Park” Christoph Giebel examines how introspection about anti-Asian violence must include a stone marker next to Volunteer Park’s water tower telling the city of Seattle’s most barefaced public lie.


May 7, 2021 – Los Angeles Times
In “Separated at the U.S.-Canada border: For a father and son, 90 miles is a distance too far,” Angelina Godoy is quoted on the trauma inflicted in a family separated by ICE at the U.S.-Canada border.


May 1, 2021 – Geekwire

Saadia Pekkanen is interviewed on the “2025: Tomorrow, Today” podcast about an up-and-coming satellite broadband — an ambitious and controversial plan to connect far reaches of the planet in an episode titled, “How Starlink, Project Kuiper and other satellite broadband providers could change society.”


April 29, 2021 – Associated Press 
Danny Hoffman, who has researched fighters during the civil war in Sierra Leone, is quoted in an Associated Press article titled “Burkina Faso fighters seek protection in spiritual rituals.”


April 28, 2021 – Seattle Times

In an opinion piece “With sanctions, let’s offer Russia incentives too,” Glennys Young analyzes alternative approaches to sanctions in U.S. foreign policy toward Russia.


April 16, 2021 – BBC News
Mary Callahan features as one of three discussants in a broadcast titled “The Real Story: Why is Myanmar’s Military Killing Civilians?


April 15, 2021 – Nikkei Asia
Mary Callahan is quoted in an article titled, “Myanmar junta taps Russian air power to bomb ethnic rebels.”


April 14, 2021 – Turkish Heritage Organization
Reşat Kasaba shares insights into common misconceptions about Turkey and current Turkey-U.S. relations in an interview conducted by Turkish Heritage Organization Fellow John Simpson, an alum of the M.A. in Applied International Studies program and currently a director in Uzbekistan for American Councils.


April 12, 2021 – BBC News
Mary Callahan shares her first-hand account on the unfolding civil war in Myanmar in this BBC News Hour episode. (Interview begins at 45:00 minutes.)


April 12, 2021 – NPR
Mary Callahan shares her first-hand account on the unfolding civil war in Myanmar in this April 12 interview with NPR “Professor Discusses What Might Be To Come In Myanmar.”


April 7, 2021 –Bloomberg Businessweek
Leela Fernandes is quoted on how “the socioeconomic fragility” of India’s middle class has been exposed by the pandemic in an article titled, “Millions Are Tumbling Out of the Global Middle Class in Historic Setback.”


April 1, 2021 –Perspectives Newsletter
Angelina Godoy is featured in an article titled, “A Detention Center Exposed,” for the advocacy work by the UW Center for Human Rights against human rights abuses in the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington.


March 31, 2021 – Seattle Times
In “Northwest detention center in Tacoma slated to close under bill passed by Legislature,” Angelina Godoy comments on documented systemic abuse and impact of COVID-19 in the Northwest Detention Center.


March 31, 2021 – Parts & Labor Newsletter
In an article titled, “An International Approach,” Leela Fernandes is quoted on how using the ethnography method—extensive on-the-ground field research—informs her approach to both feminism and international studies.


March 10, 2021 – Global Policy
In “Rush to Judgment – What the King of Talk Radio Did for His Listeners,” Scott L. Montgomery analyzes the focus on radio personality Rush Limbaugh, who died on February 20, 2021.


March 1, 2021 – Tablet

Devin Naar is quoted in an article titled, “Behind the Seattle Curtain Factory,” about the recently demolished Seattle Curtain factory that held a century’s history for the city’s Sephardic community.


Feb. 17, 2021 – TRT World

In “Is outer space becoming the new wild west?” Saadia Pekkanen is quoted about the growing number of countries and private companies developing and expanding their space programs.


Feb. 16, 2021 – The Conversation

In “Australia, fighting Facebook, is the latest country to struggle against foreign influence on journalism” Vanessa Freije analyzes the recent Facebook ban on Australians finding or sharing news on its platform, and the imperial origins of international news.


Feb. 8, 2021 – Jacobin 
Daniel Bessner reviews Barack Obama’s memoir A Promised Land in his article: ”Don’t Trust the Process.”


Feb. 8, 2021 – n +1
In his article titled, “Argument Without Argument: Robert M. Gates and America’s forever foreign policy,“ Daniel Bessner reviews a new book by former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates called Exercise of Power: American Failures, Successes, and a New Path Forward in the Post–Cold War World.


Feb. 5, 2021 – KUOW
James Lin gives his insights into the Biden administration’s policy toward China and Taiwan as part of this 3-minute radio KUOW interview on the topic.


Feb. 2 & 3, 2021 – Various global media
Mary Callahan is quoted in various media articles about Myanmar’s Feb. 1 coup d’etat by the country’s military, namely:

NPR (Feb. 2 & 3, 2021)
General Who Took Power in Myanmar May Aspire to be President” (Feb. 3)
Myanmar’s Military Stages Coup, Detains Aung S

an Suu Kyi” (Feb. 2)


Wall Street Journal (Feb. 3, 2021)
Coup Puts Myanmar at the Center of US-China Clash


The Atlantic (Feb. 2, 2021)
Joe Biden’s Challenge Was Barack Obama’s Victory – A coup in Myanmar brings with it a sense of déjà vu (Feb. 2)


Southeast Asia Globe (Feb. 2, 2021)
Myanmar’s Military Coup: Why Now and Where Do We Go from Here?


Feb. 2, 2021 – The Drift Magazine
In an article titled, “First-Person Shooter Ideology – The Cultural Contradictions of Call of Duty,” Daniel Bessner examines what the latest version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the most popular video game in the U.S., says about American empire and U.S. foreign policy.


Feb. 1, 2021 – NPR
In “Myanmar is under military control after coup” Mary Callahan is interviewed on how the military coup in Myanmar was inevitable, given the military-drafted Constitution.

Jan. 29, 2021 – Afikra
Jackson School Professor Reşat Kasaba featured in an online, live interview by Afikra, a global organization based in Beirut, Lebanon that aims to promote intellectualism and the diversity and richness of Arab culture and history. The interview was aired and recorded on October 13, 2020 and made available on Afikra’s website on January 29, 2021.
Watch the full interview by following this link.
Listen to the interview as a podcast by following this link.

Jan. 20, 2021 – UW News
Robert Pekkanen, also an adjunct professor at the Departments of Political Science and Sociology is featured in a Q&A in this January 20, 2021 interview about the first paperback edition of“The Oxford Handbook of Electoral Systems,” which he co-edited and publishes on February 5, 2021.


Jan. 19, 2021 – Jacobin
In a piece titled, “How the QAnon Cult Stormed the Capitol,” Daniel Bessner co-authors an article exploring who and what are behind the QAnon cult.


Jan. 18, 2021 – East Asia Forum 
In “Japan’s space defence policy charts its own course,” Saadia Pekkanen pens an article analyzing why conflict in space may be inevitable.

Jan. 15, 2021 – Jacobin
In “Trump Is a Threat to Democracy. But That Doesn’t Mean He’s Winning,” Daniel Bessner co-authors a piece analyzing the notion of President Trump’s threat to democracy.


Jan. 15, 2021 – Global Policy
Scott L. Montgomery’s article “What Has Happened? A Comment on the True State of American Democracy in 2021” takes a historical perspective on the weakening of America’s democratic order.


Jan. 15, 2021 – Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC)
In “On the High Seas: CIMSEC’s Top 10 Pieces of 2020” Tabitha Grace Mallory’s co-authored article “Evolution of the Fleet: A Closer Look at the Chinese Fishing Vessels off the Galapagos”  is listed as No. 1 of the most-read articles by CIMSEC readers in 2020.


Jan. 14, 2021 – The Nation
In “Biden’s China Problem: Resisting a New Cold War in Asia” Daniel Bessner shares his ideas on U.S.-China policy from U.S. immigration for Uighers and Hong Kong citizens to bolstering capacity in the East Asia region to respond to China expansionism.


Jan. 13, 2021 – Kent Reporter // Seattle Weekly
In “What could Biden’s nuclear policy look like?” Scott L. Montgomery analyzes potential opportunities and challenges for President-elect Joe Biden’s nuclear policy in China, Iran and the impact of the decay in the global security framework.


Jan. 10, 2021 – The Wire

Saadia Pekkanen is quoted in an article titled, “Beidou’s Global Mark,” about the global impact of China’s new satellite-based navigation system, called Beidou, being used in Apple products and more.


Dec. 9, 2020 – Blue Tent

In “Read These 11 Scholars to Understand the New Left” Blue Tent, a media site that focuses on dialogue by and for the progressive and Democratic left, names Daniel Bessner to the list.


Dec. 6, 2020 – Podcast: UW Political Economy Forum “Neither Free Nor Fair”

Sara Curran shares insights into the dangers that threaten the 2020 Census the UW Political Economy Forum in an episode titled, “Census–Counting Folks & Counting Votes.”


Dec. 4, 2020 – Japan On The Record (Podcast)

Saadia Pekkanen places the recent launch of JAXA astronaut Noguchi Sōichi aboard the SpaceX Resilience into the longer history of Japanese space exploration and collaborations with NASA and other organizations in a Dec. 4 episode titled “JAXA and Japanese Space Policy.”


Dec. 3, 2020 – Northwest Asian Weekly
David Bachman is quoted in “Biden and China: Guarded optimism from local Chinese leaders” on guarded optimism for how a Biden administration will bring stability and mutual growth back to China-U.S. relations.


Dec. 2, 2020 – KUOW
Sara Curran shares insights into the dangers that threaten the 2020 Census as a guest speaker KUOW’s “The Record” with Bill Radke.


Dec. 1, 2020 – KUOW
Angelina Godoy discusses the Center’s research on solitary confinement at the Northwest Detention Center with KUOW’s “The Conversation” Bill Radke.


Dec. 1, 2020 – Seattle Times
In “‘Secret prison within a prison’: Report details solitary confinement practices at Northwest detention center in Tacoma” the Center for Human Rights and Angelina Godoy are featured for their most recent report on solitary confinement at the Northwest Detention Center.


Nov. 23, 2020 – Global Policy
In “Biden’s ambitious energy plan faces headwinds, but can move the US forward” Jackson School faculty Scott L. Montgomery analyzes three factors that may influence President-elect Joe Biden’s big plan for American energy.


Nov. 19, 2020  – UW News
In “The 2020 census: deadlines, politics and what may come next” a Q&A, Sara Curran gives insights and context into the 2020 Census as the first in U.S. history to be conducted mostly online, and potential impacts of the current presidential election, social media and more.


Nov. 6, 2020 – Geekwire
Saadia Pekkanen as co-director of the University of Washington Space Policy and Research Center, known as SPARC, is quoted in “Pentagon worries that satellite attack could spark ‘mutually assured destruction’ .


Nov. 6, 2020 – NPR
In “Aung San Suu Kyi’s Party Is Expected To Win Myanmar’s Election” Mary Callahan is interviewed.


Oct. 27, 2020 – UW News
Vanessa Freije talks about her new book Citizens of Scandal that explores Mexican politics and journalism in a Q&A with UW News.


Oct. 21, 2020 – Global Policy

In “Dimming the Lights,”Scott L. Montgomery asserts a “hidden but heated theme in this election and Supreme Court hearing season, the most important in many decades, is that of science” in analyzing the approach to science by the current Trump administration.


Oct. 20, 2020 – Jewish Currents

In an article titled, “Are We Post-Sepharadim?” Devin Naar debates what Sephardic Jewish identity could mean in the 21st century.


Oct. 19, 2020 – DMAX
Glennys Young appeared in a documentary “Project Ninos: Cold War in Sunny Spain,” about the Cold War’s mass interrogation program the CIA carried out on Spaniards returning to their country from the USSR in the late 1950s. Young was interviewed in June 2019 in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid, in the General Archive of State Administration. View trailer by visiting this link.


Oct. 17, 2020 – Neither Free nor Fair (UW Podcast)
Jessica Beyer speaks about cybersecurity threats to election security in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections with UW’s Political Economy Forum podcast host and political science associate professor James Long. Listen to the podcast here.


Oct. 17, 2020 – CNN

Daniel Bessner talks about whether the U.S. should impose age limits on elected leaders as the featured commentator in this CNN story.


Oct. 14, 2020 – BBC 
In an episode titled “Revolution” on the BBC podcast “Thinking Allowed,” journalist Laurie Taylor interviews Daniel Chirot about his book You Say You Want a Revolution? Radical Idealism and Its Tragic ConsequencesListen to the interview. (Interview begins around minute 2:00.)


Oct. 8, 2020 – Politico
David Bachman is quoted in an article titled, “Former intel officers: U.S. must update its thinking on Taiwan.”

Oct. 7, 2020 – Responsible Statecraft
In “Washington’s dysfunctional relationship with ‘Sultan’ Erdogan is getting dangerous” Reşat Kasaba analyzes Turkish President Recep Erdoğan’s influence on “Western commentators, writers, and politicians, including President Trump” and his new moniker as ‘Sultan’ of the Middle East.


Oct. 4, 2020 – The Atlantic
Devin Naar gives his insights in “Saving Uighur Culture from Genocide,” an article about China’s repression of the Uighurs, by sharing his personal journey and research findings about the fate of Sephardic Jews and Ladino culture.


Oct. 3, 2020 – Al Jazeera
Tabitha Grace Mallory is interviewed on Al Jazeera’s “Counting the Cost” show about increasing tensions in the South China Sea over shrinking fish stocks. Watch the interview. (Interview starts at minute 5:30.)

Sept. 18, 2020 – Global Policy
In “The Year of Fire and Burning AirScott L. Montgomery analyzes how the current wildfires devastating wildfires on the West Coast may represent the next ground zero for climate change in the U.S.


Sept. 11, 2020 – Washington Post
In “Is the 9/11 Era Over?” about the advent of the “war on terror” with U.S. forces deployed across a wide arc of the planet in an avowed worldwide campaign against Islamist militancy, Daniel Bessner is quoted.


Sept. 8, 2020 – The Nation

Daniel Bessner analyzes how “the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the glaring contradictions in American higher education” in an article “Can the American university be saved?” that reviews two new books about the “gig academy” and the meritocracy trap.


Sept. 8, 2020 – UCLA “Then & Now” Podcast Series

Devin Naar is the featured speaker of a podcast episode titled, “Are Jews white? A Conversation on Race, Erasure, and Sephardic History” for UCLA’s Luskin Center for History and Policy podcast series.


Sept. 1, 2020 – Global Policy

In his article titled “Silver Linings for Non-Carbon Energy – If We Want to See Them,” Scott L. Montgomery investigates the possibility for the post-pandemic energy landscape.