Carson Tavenner

Executive Director, The Tai Initiative


Carson Tavenner (泰卡森) is the Executive Director of The Tai Initiative. After graduating from the Jackson School with a Masters in International Studies in 2000, Carson went on to lead The Tai Initiative. This organization is dedicated to fostering new forms of inter-cultural understanding between China and the United States. It is specifically dedicated to creating relationships and nurturing dialogue at the “subnational” level, between community leaders trying to accomplish similar goals.

In addition to his graduate work at the University of Washington and his role at The Tai Initiative, Carson is also a member of the National Committee for US-China relations. He also spent 13 years serving as an officer with the US Air Force, teaches leadership skills in China through outdoor education courses, and is the director of 爱世界 (Love the World), a non-profit organization intended to bring English training to Chinese communities.

Congratulations on your success Carson!