WAFLT Fall 2021 Conference

WAFLT 2021 Fall Conference: World Languages Work!

The 2021 Fall WAFLT (Washington Association for Language Teachers) conference will be held online from October 5th-9th, 2021 on Zoom, with a celebration on Friday evening (October 8th). There will be two to four live sessions per night and live spotlight sessions for language groups. There will also be live and recorded sessions, exhibitor and sponsors sessions, language group idea shares, games, and networking time. Conference registration is available on WAFLT’s Wild Apricot site.


$25 for WAFLT members – Free clock hours!

Free for WAFLT member presenters!

Dates: October 5-9 (Tuesday evening – Saturday afternoon)

Session types:

Recorded: The presenter uses the voice-recording on a slide (or other comfortable option) presentation to create a video that they submit to WAFLT by September 30th, 2021. Be stress-free on the day of your presentation!

Live: Rapid Round Robin – If you have a quick idea or topic to share, but don’t want to prepare a full presentation OR If this is your FIRST professional presentation, choose this option! You will be grouped with 2-3 other presenters for a live 30-45 minute “Rapid Round Robin.”

Live: 30-45 minute or Saturday 2 hour extended presentations

The presenter will use *their own* Zoom, Google Meets, or similar platform to present live. If you are using a personal (non-school) Zoom account, you may be limited to a 30 minute presentation. WAFLT *may* be able to host your session, but this not guaranteed.

For all questions, contact Catherine Ousselin: catherineku72@gmail.com