Re-Indigenizing Ecological Consciousness


Associate Professor Michelle Montgomery’s new edited volume, Re-Indigenizing Ecological Consciousness and the Interconnectedness to Indigenous Identities, is now available from Lexington Press.

The authors of Re-Indigenizing Ecological Consciousness and the Interconnectedness to Indigenous Identities share the diversity and complexities of the Indigenous context of worldviews, examining relationships between humans and other living beings within an eco-conscious lens. Michelle Montgomery’s edited volume shows that we belong not only to a human community, but to a community of all nature as well. The contributors demonstrate that the reciprocity of Indigenous knowledges is inclusive and represents worldviews for regenerative solutions and the need to realign our view of the environment as a “who” rather than an “it.” This reciprocity is intertwined as an obligation of environmental ethics to acknowledge the attributes of Indigenous knowledges as not merely a body of knowledge but as multiple layers or levels of placed-based knowledges, identities, and lived experiences.

“This timely and important volume weaves together an impressive array of voices who share stories and histories of Indigenous resilience and resurgence in response to the climate crisis we all live in today. Their stories explain how Indigenous relationships to one other and the natural world are based on reciprocity and respect.”

Charlotte Coté, University of Washington

Dr. Michelle Montgomery (enrolled Haliwa Saponi/descendant Eastern Band Cherokee) is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington Tacoma, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences in American Indian Studies and Ethnic, Gender and Labor Studies. She is also the Assistant Director for the Office of Undergraduate Education, the Indigenous curriculum and community advisor for the School of Education. Dr. Montgomery’s research focuses on Indigenizing and decolonizing the climate justice narrative, environmental ethics connected to Indigenous Peoples’ place-based identities and eco-critical race theory to eliminate racial and environmental oppression.

Dr. Montgomery is the interim Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle, Department of Bioethics and Humanities. She is affiliate faculty at the Center for Global Studies