Laura María Ordoñez Tello

MAIS Student
Laura María Ordoñez Tello is a young woman with long brown hair. She is wearing a white lace shirt and posing in front of greenery.


Laura is a current master’s Student in International Studies focusing on Latin America, the Latinx diaspora, Afro-Latinidad, and African Diasporas. She is particularlyfocused on Latin American racial discourses, identity practices, and the lived experiences of migrants in relation to cultural rights in the US. Before joining the Jackson School, Laura gained valuable research experience as a research assistant in the Festive Culture in Colombia and Latin-America research group. She presented her research at multiple academic conferences, including the Latin American Sociological Association (Peru, 2019), “ VI Encuentro Internacional de Fiesta, Nación y Cultura”(Argentina, 2017), and other events in Colombia. In addition to her research pursuits, Laura has three years of experience teaching Spanish and has received training in mental health navigation, project management, cultural management, and human development. Beyond academia, Laura enjoys gastronomy, photography, music, and dance and is committed to making a positive impact anywhere and in any endeavor she pursues.