Kriya Issa A. Velasco

Marcy Migdal Fellow


Kriya Issa A. Velasco is a recipient of a Fellowship from the Marcy Migdal Fund for Educational Equality. The award supports exceptional students engaged in activities aimed at enhancing access to education for vulnerable students, either locally or throughout the world, and helping them succeed in their education. Click here to learn more about the Marcy Migdal Fund. 

Thanks to the Marcy Migdal Fund for Educational Equality, our class, entitled Unforgetting: Re(Creating) Filipinx American Educational Narratives, created more than 20 individualized webpages and six capstone projects. Students of varying backgrounds and experiences poured their hearts and minds into investigating topics such as race and ethnicity, selfhood, beauty, colonial mentality, being Filipinx and American, migration, historical omission, and invisibilization of people of color and their stories. The student’s final projects and webpages, have the potential to be shared and used as pedagogical tools for teaching and sharing identity, history, narrative creation, and decolonization. The class created a repository of narratives that illuminates who we are and shows others the possibilities that arise from a critical understanding of history, societal systems, and oneself.