Frank Wendler

Visiting Assistant Professor



Frank Wendler (Ph.D., University of Göttingen, Germany, 2004) is DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science and the Jackson School of International Studies. His primary research interest is the study of European integration, with a particular focus on the evolution of parliamentary democracy, party politics and public debate in the context of governance in the European Union. He is the author of a monograph on the evolution of participatory modes of governance in the field of EU Social Policy entitled Soziales Europa und demokratische Legitimität (2005, Nomos) and has edited the volume Food Safety Regulation in Europe (2007, Intersentia, with Ellen Vos). His current research focuses on the analysis of parliamentary debates on selected topics related to European integration (such as the EU debt crisis and EU Treaty Reform) in Austria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. The aim of his research project is to investigate and explain links between different types of argumentative conflict expressed in the parliamentary debates, and related patterns of polarization between parliamentary parties. In this context, he is working on a book manuscript (working title: Debating Europe in Parliament), to be published in 2015. He has published in numerous peer-reviewed academic journals, including the Journal of European Public Policy, the Journal of European Integration, European Integration Online Papers, Leviathan and German Politics.

Frank Wendler teaches courses on the European Union, the Europeanisation of political systems, parliamentary politics in the EU, theories of European integration, and on comparative politics in Europe.