Cinthia Palomino

Marcy Migdal Fellow
Headshot of Cinthia, Marcy Migdal Fellow


Cinthia Palomino is a recipient of a Fellowship from the Marcy Migdal Fund for Educational Equality. The award supports exceptional students engaged in activities aimed at enhancing access to education for vulnerable students, either locally or throughout the world, and helping them succeed in their education. Click here to learn more about the Marcy Migdal Fund. 

Cinthia is a third-year graduate student in the School of Psychology Program in the College of Education (COE). As an inclusive model program, she is earning a combined EdS and Ph.D. Cinthia was born and raised in Lima, Peru, moving to the United States ten years ago with her family. After earning a B.A. in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, Cinthia worked for two years in Title 1 elementary schools. She provided academic support to English Language Learners and students with special needs. Through her experiences, she realized her desire to pursue school psychology as a career.

In part through the support provided by the Marcy Migdal Fund, Cinthia is working on a research project for her dissertation about increasing self-regulation skills in preschool Latino students from low-income backgrounds. As she explains, “implementing a self-regulation intervention for at-risk Latino students from a very young age can help these children learn how to regulate their behavior and emotions, which can have a positive impact on their academic performance.” The funds from the fellowship will help Cinthia to recruit families and implement a self-regulation intervention. The project is projected to be implemented in summer or fall of 2017.