Anny Barlow

MAA and MAIS concurrent degree 2022
Anny Barlow


Anny has an academic background focused in physical oceanography along with professional experience consulting for a business intelligence firm logging controversial business activity in terms of environmental, social, and governance risk information. A seasoned commercial fisherman in Alaska as well as a business professional working on modern-day slavery issues in the Middle East has shown Anny where her passions overlap – the cross section of social and environmental injustice on the high seas.

Understanding how the most powerful motivator driving business decisions is positively affecting the bottom line, her interest lies in identifying/designing operating solutions which will compel multinational companies manipulating the world’s unchecked oceans to choose to do what is right with regards to their human and environmental resources- if for no other reason- because it will positively affect their bottom line.

She studies Bahasa Indonesia as her research focuses on the intersection of human and environmental rights across the Southeast Asia region.

As an avid traveler and lover of the ocean, Anny pursues life with a ‘global citizen’ mindset.

Research Interest

Forced Labor, Modern-day Slavery, International Fisheries & Ocean Governance


Formal acknowledgement in the Journal of Ocean Science, Vol. III (2007), pp. 363-377; “Variability of Antarctic intermediate Water properties in the South Pacific Ocean,” M. Tomczak