Aidan Swayne

MAIS Student
Aidan is a young man with dirty blonde hair. He is wearing a black puffy coat and posing in front of a body of water.


Aidan is a graduate student at the Jackson School of International Studies. His research interests include autocratic durability, states and society, political economics, political coercion, and elite storytelling. He takes particular interest in the intersectionality between social upheaval and state cohesion. He earned his B.A in International Studies with a minor in Asian Languages and Culture at the University of Washington, Seattle. During his studies, he previously was involved in research on displaced persons of interest migration from the MENA region into the European Union, with particular emphasis on externalization techniques and policy recommendations. He has also worked extensively with non-profit organization: The Borgen Project, where he promoted global anti-poverty initiatives to local Congress representatives. Currently studying Mandarin-Chinese, Aidan hopes to expand his research abilities and interests. He loves to read, write, and take his dog Sushi on long walks around the Magnuson park area. He also enjoys playing the flamenco guitar which he picked up from his father, watching baseball, and college football. Go Dawgs.