November is UW Global Month!

UW Global Month celebrates our University’s global impact and community.

The UW educates more than 50,000 students annually, and the Husky community is connected around the globe. Thanks to our incredible faculty and researchers, we have partnerships and projects in 130+ countries, yielding a world of opportunity for students such as study abroad, research, internships, and classroom experiential learning. During the month of November, we highlight the connections and relationships the UW has all over the world and the impact of our University’s global engagement.

Explore the full event calendar here, and check out the highlighted events below.

Highlighted upcoming events:

Book Talk with Dr. Anu Taranath | Tue, Nov 30, 5:30 – 6:30pm

Dr. Anu Taranath is a speaker, facilitator, educator and author. Join us for this special gathering online as we talk about Dr. Anu’s book “Beyond Guilt Trips” and discuss mindful travel in an unequal world. Dr. Anu’s work explore the thought provoking questions of identity, race, and difference to gain understanding on uncomfortable feelings of who we are, where we come from, and how much we have.

Global and Regional Studies Zoom Info Session | Wed, Dec 1, 2 – 3pm

Join us for an info session to learn about the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies’ new general major, “Global and Regional Studies.” This major is open to all students in good academic standing and can be declared immediately. Global and Regional Studies is an excellent choice for students who are interested in learning about how world cultures and politics are influenced by major events such as the rise of nationalism, globalization, and climate events. Our students learn how to create policies and solutions that could have a positive impact on future international developments and events.