Jackson School Journal Volume 12, Issue 1

Student Publication: Jackson School Journal Volume 12, Issue 1 (Spring 2024)

A Conversation with Jackson School Journal Editor-in-Chief, Jingyi (Jane) Pan

The Spring 2024 issue of the Jackson School Journal, “Equilibrium Amid Strife” examines critical questions related to global instability and diplomacy. Articles from undergraduate Jackson School students range from exploring Taiwan’s strategy for projecting influence across the globe, as well as U.S.-China competition and contemporary human rights through the lens of migration and far-right politics in Europe. A note from spring quarter’s Jackson School Journal Editors, Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein, Max Cheung, Taisha Bayliss, Upajna Palepu, Yvonne Pan, Jingyi (Jane) Pan, shares that they hope readers will “find this edition both enlightening and inspiring.” Jingyi Pan, the Editor-in-Chief of the Jackson School Journal, recently spoke with the Center for Global Studies to give readers more insight into the Spring 2024 release. “My name is Jingyi (Jane) Pan, an international student from China and a recent graduate of the University of Washington, where I majored in sociology and international studies with honors. I serve as the editor-in-chief of the 2023-2024 student board, co-director of career of the Jackson School Student Association, and a research fellow at the Jackson School International Policy Institute. My focus areas include energy, geopolitics, and environmental humanities and their societal and international implications.”

About the Jackson School Journal Spring 2024 release, “Equilibrium Amid Strife,” Jingyi added: “The latest issue is inspired by our students’ exceptional article submissions, showcasing their impressive research from classes, projects, and personal academic interests. We received over 20 articles this year, covering topics from the Middle East crisis to China-US relations, same-sex marriage in East Asia, and more. While our selection process is rigorous regarding format, depth, and unique perspectives, we are proud to feature Natalie Chiu’s discussion on Taiwan’s semiconductor industry and its role in establishing international presence, William Brown’s research on Denmark’s political cycle and its relationship with immigration, and Lily Kim’s in-depth discussion of human right challenges of the people of disabilities in Jamaica.”

When asked about her time as Editor-in-Chief and other experiences in the Jackson School Journal, Jingyi shared: “I am deeply grateful to the 2023-2024 editorial board and the broader Jackson School community for their unwavering trust and support. Their openness to collaboration enabled me, and the team to experience diverse leadership styles, access various resources, and achieve something truly commendable, like publishing the Spring 2024 edition.”