Indigenous Speaker Series


The Indigenous Speaker Series materialized in 2015 as an initiative of Dr. Michelle Montgomery at the University of Washington – Tacoma through community conversations, and is an expansion of  her ongoing community initiatives. The Series is a multi-purpose platform that promotes community partnerships, amplifies the voices of Indigenous people, and dialogues about Indigenous People’s cultural and traditional lived experiences.

Speakers have varying backgrounds and share their cultural, traditional, and academic lived experiences in modern society while honoring their long standing relationship and responsibility to their homelands, communities, and ancestors.  Research is living and developing through the conversations among the presenters, participants, and facilitators.

Read more about the series here, and explore videos of CGS co-sponsored sessions below.

CGS co-sponsored sessions

Indigenous Speaker Series 22 | 3/26/21

– Pah-tu Pitt – Re-localizing Native Leadership in Environmental Narratives and Economy

Watch the video recording.

Indigenous Speaker Series 23 | 3/31/21


-Merisa Jones – Achieving Educational Sovereignty:
Continuing the Vision of Our Old People

-Joannie Romero – Rematriation Through Land-Based Connection During the Time of COVID-19 

Watch the video recording.

 Indigenous Speaker Series 25 | 5/24/21


– Mark Clytus – Cultural Engineering (Concepts) and its influence on STEA

-Solo Greene – Identity: Who We Are

Watch the video recording.

Indigenous Speaker Series 26 | 5/26/21


-Angela Fernandez and Wade Fernandez – Netāēnewēmākanak – Inviting All Of Our Relatives to the Table

Watch the video recording.

Indigenous Speaker Series 27 | 6/30/21


-Althea Walker – Building Bridges

-Stacia Morfin & Ciarra Greene – Titóoqanaawit (Way of Life)

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Partners and co-sponsors: UW Center for Global Studies, UW Tacoma Office of Community Partnerships, UW Population Health Initiative, UW Earthlab, University of Washington – Tacoma School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, The Rising Voices Center for Indigenous and Earth Sciences, Salish Sea Research Center, The Bay & Paul Foundations.