2022 Task Forces

Task Force Rome

Deadline: October 1, 2021

Are you a JSIS student in any International Studies undergraduate major who is interested in studying abroad? Learn more about this exciting the Rome Task Force 22′ study abroad experience, below! Please contact your advisors Joni Marts (jmarts@uw.edu) or Erica Coleman (ecoleman@uw.edu)for more information.

Rome Task Force Study Abroad 2022 description:

Challenges to European Unity: COVID, Migration, Refugees, History, and Politics COVID crisis revealed that the European Union lacks an effective public health policy that can be applied across all the member countries. The longer-term crisis of migration has also led countries to seek separate solutions putting pressure on European institutions. The program will consist of four courses that examine the challenges Europe is facing in the wake of economic and public health crises and their impact on EU.

There will be two Task Forces and two seminars. Students will choose one of the Task Forces and take the two seminars. The two Task Forces will focus on the Response of European countries to COVID and the Post-COVID Migration/Refugee Policies for the EU respectively. The seminars will study Migration/Refugee Issues and the Interaction between Italian Cities and the Middle East and Asia. There are many NGO’s and other organizations in Rome that have been active in migration and refugee issues in Rome. Students will have opportunities to visit these. We will also take advantage of the presence of Italian government and EU offices and scholars in Italian universities. Being both one of the main entry points of refugees and also an early site of the pandemic Rome (Italy) is an excellent site for studying these issues.

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