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What remains: coming to terms with civil war in 19th century China

Tobie Meyer-Fong

Professor, John Hopkins University

Tuesday November 15th, 2016

Thomson 317 3:30pm

In this talk Professor Meyer-Fong disscuses her book “What remains: coming to terms with civil war in 19th century China”. Drawing upon a rich array of primary sources, What Remains explores the issues that preoccupied Chinese and Western survivors. Individuals, families, and communities grappled with fundamental questions of loyalty and loss as they struggled to rebuild shattered cities, bury the dead, and make sense of the horrors that they had witnessed.

Tobie Meyer-Fong is Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the History Department at Johns Hopkins University and Editor-in-Chief of the journal Late Imperial China. She received her PhD in History from Stanford University in 1998. Her research has taken her to numerous libraries and universities in China, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States. In addition
to her two monographs, Building Culture in Early Qing Yangzhou and What Remains: Coming to Terms with Civil War in 19th century China, she also is the author of articles on topics ranging from cultural heritage and historical memory to print culture.