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Letter from the Center

On Tuesday evening April 7, the Center for Global Studies and its partners – College of the Environment, Program on the Environment, UW Alumni Association, Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture, and Global Business Center - kicked off the first in a series of free public lectures entitled Coffee: From the Grounds Up.

A capacity crowd of over 300 people heard Mark Pendergrast (author of The History of Coffee and How It Transformed Our World) speak to an enthralled crowd. If you were unable to attend, TV W (www.tvw.org) taped the program for later t-v broadcast. It will air as part of TV W’s “Author’s Hour” series (airs on Sundays @ 12, 7 & 10p). This eight part series will continue with the April 14th talk on Direct Trade: Bringing the World community together through Coffee. For more details or to register for the talks, please log onto http://depts.washington.edu/coffees/

Besides upcoming events, every e-news issue includes conference, scholarship, fellowship and employment announcements. Please scroll down to see what may be there for you. As always, please send us your news, announcements and ideas for e-news. Thanks!

Tamara Leonard
Associate Director, Center for Global Studies

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Upcoming CGS Events

April 14, 2009
Direct Trade: Bringing the World Community Together Through Coffee
Kane Hall 210, UW Seattle campus, 7:00 PM. Speaker: David Robinson, Founder of Sweet Unity Farms, Tanzania. Join coffee grower and social activist, David Robinson, founder of Sweet Unity Farms and co-founder of the Mshikamano Farmers Group in Tanzania, as he shares his commitment to challenging the contradiction of rural poverty within the multi-billion dollar coffee industry by developing a direct trade model wherein economic growth and human development move forward together. This is part of an 8 week lecture series of Tuesday evening lectures and panel discussions that highlight efforts being made to reduce poverty, improve lives of coffee workers, and increase environmental sustainability in coffee producing regions of the world. For more information, visit http://www.washington.edu/burkemuseum/events/.

April 15-16, 2009
Environmental Justice and Governance: African Perspectives in the Neo-Liberal Era

University of Washington. Please join the African Studies Program of the Jackson School of International Studies for a symposium on Environmental Justice and Governance: African Perspectives in the Neo-Liberal Era, April 15-16, 2009 at the University of Washington. Interdisciplinary in nature, the symposium will explore the inter-relations between the environment, peace, development, and legal and political governance technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa. Participants will inquire, from cross-disciplinary perspectives, into whether events in Sub-Saharan Africa in the last two decades demonstrate the need to prioritize, as a matter of policy, development, and legal intervention, issues related to environmental management, conflict resolution, and peace building over "traditional" economic development on each other. Sponsors of this event include the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Washington, the Graduate School, the Program on the Environment, the University of Washington School of Law, Center for Global Studies, and the Asian Law Center. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED AT: https://catalysttools.washington.edu/webq/survey/africa1/71947

April 17, 2009
Middle East Briefing: Current Conditions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan
Smith Hall 205, UW Seattle campus, 10:00-11:0 AM. Speaker: Ambassador Ryan Crocker. Ryan Crocker is a Career Ambassador, recently retired from the U.S. Foreign Service, and a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Honor. He was U.S. Ambassador to Iraq from 2007-9, and previously served as United States Ambassador to Pakistan from 2004-7, to Syria from 1998-2001, to Kuwait from 1994-1997, and to Lebanon from 1990-93. In 2003 he was in Baghdad as the first Director of Governance for the Coalition Provisional Authority, and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs from 2001-2003. In addition, since joining the Foreign Service in 1971, he has had assignments in Iran, Qatar, and Egypt, as well as Washington. He was assigned to the American Embassy in Beirut during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982 and the bombings of the Embassy and the Marine barracks in 1983. Ambassador Crocker received a B.A. in English in 1971 and an honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 2001 from Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA.  For further information contact: readme@u.washington.edu. Cosponsored by the Middle East Center, the South Asia Center, and the Center for Global Studies. The Middle East Center's sponsorship of this event does not imply that the Center endorses the content of the event.

April 17-18, 2009
Conference: Global Justice in the 21st Century
University of Washington. In the twenty-first century, the world will continue to become more inter-connected. Health care, environmental degradation, political violence, human rights, and world poverty are global issues requiring global solutions. These issues will be addressed at a conference on Global Justice in the 21st Century to be held at the University of Washington on April 17-18, 2009. The conference will bring together scholars at the forefront of research on these issues to consider such questions as: What kind of international legal order should we work for in the 21st century? How should human rights be understood in the 21st century? How should intellectual property rights be balanced against the need for life-saving drugs? What rights should poorer countries have against wealthier ones? How should the international community address global warming? What rights should the world's poor have to be protected from the effects of global warming? How should medical research be done to protect the world's poor from exploitation? The conference is free and open to the public. The conference is organized by The Program on Values in Society and the Walter Chapin Simpson Center for the Humanities and co-sponsored by the Graduate School and College of Arts & Sciences; the Law, Societies, and Justice Program; the Law School; the Treuman Katz Center for Pediatric Bioethics; the Center for Global Studies; the Department of Bioethics & Humanities; the Department of Global Health; the Department of Philosophy; the Department of Political Science; and the Program on the Environment. More information is available on the conference Web site: www.simpsoncenter.org/globaljustice or contact Professor Bill Talbott (206-543-5095; wtalbott@u.washington.edu) or Professor Michael Blake (206 221-7859); miblake@u.washington.edu).

April 21, 2009
The End of Food
Communications 120, UW Seattle campus, 4:00-7:30 PM. Speaker: Paul Roberts. Join us for this special interdisciplinary workshop as we grapple with the vulnerable miracle of the global modern food economy. Best-selling author Paul Roberts will illustrate how our system for making, marketing, and moving what we eat - is growing less and less compatible with the billions of consumers that system was built to serve: Our high-volume factory systems are creating new risks for food-borne illness - from E. coli to avian flu. Our high-yield crops and livestock generate grain, vegetables and meat of declining nutritional quality. Overproduction is so routine that nearly one billion people are now overweight or obese worldwide - and yet those extra calories are still so unevenly distributed that the same number of people - one billion, roughly one in every seven of us - can't get enough to eat. In some of the hardest-hit regions, such as sub-Saharan Africa, the lack of a single nutrient - vitamin A - has left more than three million children permanently blind. After pondering Roberts' comprehensive global and local insights, we will discuss how to incorporate his research into our curriculum. We will look at these issues within the framework of the Earth Charter - and its declaration of principles for building a just, sustainable, and peaceful world. Created in a ten-year process that included thousands of people in countries ranging from Argentina to Zambia, it is perhaps the closest thing there is to an international consensus on protecting the Earth and all its inhabitants. Cost: $30 includes a light buffet, presentations, classroom resources, and clock hours. Please register by April 10th online at www.world-affairs.org.

April 27, 2009
Redesigning Foreign Assistance from the Ground Up
Global Washington Policy Series

HUB, UW Seattle campus.Building on the conversation begun in February around the challenges and opportunities presented by the new administration, this event will bring together practitioners from the developing world together with U.S. practitioners to discuss and uncover the values underlying U.S. foreign aid policy. Co-sponsored by Center for Global Studies and Puget Sound Millenium Develoment Goals project. For more information, or to register, please visit www.globalwa.org.

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Scholarship, Research & Travel Opportunities
The Center for Global Studies has recently put together a two page scholarship document for undergraduate students focused on funding for school. If you are curious and would like more information, please contact cgs@u.washington.edu.

Seattle International Foundation Announces Small Grants Program
Deadline: June 15, 2009
The Seattle International Foundation is now accepting applications for its Small Grants Program. The goal of the program is to support and foster organizations working internationally, with a focus on organizations working in Central America. Preference will be give to organizations based in the great Puget Sound region. The program is open to 501(c) 3 organizations with an annual organizational or project budget of less than $2 million. The program seeks to support organizations launching new projects, or working to establish or expand an international project or program. Organizations may request general operating support or project support, and grant awards will range from $5,000 - $15,000. Please use the Common Grant Application found at http://www.philanthropynw.org/s_pnw/sec.asp?CID=7290&DID=16471. Applications should be sent to:
Seattle International Foundation
909 NE Boat Street, Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98105
For more information, contact Mauricio Vivero at mvivero@seaif.org or 206-547-9336.

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Other Items of Interest  

April 2009 Hubert Humphrey Fellow Talks at the Evans School
April 9, 2009
The International Community in Afghanistan: An Afghan Perspective
12:00- 1:00 pm, Parrington Hall Forum.
Speaker: Mr. Fazel Rabi Hagbeen, (Afghanistan); Senior Program Officer, The Asia Foundation

April 15, 2009
The Russian Way and Russian Soul
12:00- 1:00 pm, Parrington Hall Forum.
Speaker: Ms. Svetlana Malkarova, (Russia); Deputy Managing Director of International Business, Development, YA-Corporation Communications Group

April 29, 2009
How Public is Our Republic (of Poland)?
12:00- 1:00 pm, Parrington Hall Forum.
Speaker: Mr. Lech Marcinkowski, (Poland); Deputy Director, Audit and Supervision Department, Office of the Prime Minister

April 15, 2009
Spring Career Fair
3:00 - 7:00 pm, HUB Ballrooms
Looking for a career position, summer job or internship? Don't miss the UW Spring Career Fair, presented by the UW Career Center. The year's largest career fair brings local and national employers to the Seattle campus to meet with students and alumni. Discuss career, part- and full-time jobs and internships at their organization. The Spring Career Fair is open to all majors and class levels from all three UW campuses as well as alumni. For more information, please visit http://careers.washington.edu/UW-Spring-Fair.

Students can register for the WCYF 2009 via its official website at www.wcyf2009.org. For more information, contact wcyf2009papers@khu.ac.kr.

April 17-18 2009
Ninth Annual Washington State Model United Nations Conference
Sponsored by Washington State Model United Nations

8:00 - 7:00 pm, HUB
The WA State Model United Nations is holding a conference which simulates United Nations sessions. High school students will come to UW earn about international affairs through debate and UN style diplomacy. For more information, please contact Alizeh Bhojani, Secretary General WASMUN 2009 or log onto wasmun.org.

International Travel Grant for US Teachers
April 27, 2009
Under the Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA) the U.S. Department of State and IREX (the International Research & Exchanges Board) announce a competition for middle and high school teachers from the United States to participate in a two-week professional exchange program in Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, El Salvador, Georgia, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Senegal, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.

Eligible applicants must be:

  • Secondary-level (middle or high school), teaching professionals with five or more years of classroom experience in disciplines including English as a Foreign Language, English Language or Literature, and social sciences (including social studies, civics, and history),
  • U.S. citizens, and
  • Able to travel in spring 2010.
The program is fully funded and provides: visa support; round-trip domestic airfare, lodging and meals to attend the TEA U.S. Conference; round-trip airfare from the U.S. to the assigned country; emergency medical insurance; as well as lodging and a daily stipend in host country. The TEA U.S. teacher application is available for download at our website: www.irex.org. For more information, contact Anne MiIazzo at (202) 628-8188 ext 197 or tea@irex.org.

"The US Produces the Lion's Share of Top Producing Students"
Gerald Bracey

To access the full article, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gerald-bracey/the-u-s-produces-the-lion_b_143740.html.

According to statistics, the U.S. produces more than double the amount of high scoring students for the science assessment of the Programme of International Student Assessment (PISA). However, the statistics don't include that the U.S. produces more students than other countries. In a blog study by Lindsay Lowell and Hal Salzman comparisons are made that point out the inaccuracies of the statistical analysis PISA tests. They also view the assessment as an inaccurate measure of students' scholastic abilities.

Spring Dates and Deadlines for Undergraduates
April 17
- Application deadline for admission to the International Studies major
- FINAL DATE to submit graduation applications if graduating in **June 2009**
- FINAL DATE to submit graduation applications to secure eligibility for June Commencement exercises in graduating in **August 2009**

May 4-24
- Graduating Seniors: Sign up for Commencement Ceremony (June 13) online at www.uwgraduation.com
- Early May Graduating Seniors: watch for invitation (US mail or email, to be determined) to JSIS Convocation, evening of June 10. (Make sure through MyUW that your local address is current!)

May 6
- Seniors graduating December 2009 or March 2010, who want to have Sr. Registration Priority for Autumn/Winter Quarters - apply for graduation by this date

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Foreign Affairs Academic Update
As you begin preparing for your fall courses, I invite you to check out our custom book program, Among Nations. Our top-tier editorial board, headed by our own managing editor Gideon Rose, chooses the most influential articles in the field from a variety of sources including Foreign Affairs, International Security, Political Science Quarterly, World Policy Journal, and more. In addition to suggested reading lists from our editors, Among Nations goes beyond the usual course pack, providing content consultation, optional annotations, and suggested discussion questions.

In a special offer to all professors who build a book before April 1, we are also excited to offer you a complimentary one-year subscription to Foreign Affairs. Simply register for an account and select your reading list. Within 6 weeks, you will receive your custom book with a personalized cover. This offer applies to teaching professionals only.

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