CGS Funding Resource Collection

Looking for ways to fund your education or research? Explore the information below to discover a number of resources available at UW and beyond. Be sure to check back for regular updates on upcoming information sessions & other timely news.

Please note: This is not an exhaustive list. We strongly encourage you to conduct a broader search based on your academic discipline and research interests.

General Funding Resources

If you have any questions about funding opportunities, please contact your respective departments, or reach out to the following offices:

Additionally, please explore the following funding databases and resources below.

Funding Databases

Upcoming Application Deadlines and Information Sessions

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Please note: this collection is not an exhaustive list, and is intended as a reference. Always check with external funding sources directly for the most current information.


JSIS Internship Scholarships

General Guidelines

Four different departmental scholarships are available for students pursuing internships. For full details on scholarship types and eligibility, please see here.

  • All Jackson School students are eligible to apply for internship scholarships. Non-JSIS UW students with a global health focus may apply for the Leslianne Shedd Memorial Fund scholarship.
  • Requires submission of a written statement, unofficial transcripts from UW, description of financial need, and internship details.
  • DEADLINE: Students must submit a completed application packet by 5:00 p.m. PDT on the application due date — Census Day (the second Friday of the quarter in which the internship takes place) — to be considered for opportunities.
  • FAQs for internship scholarships are available here.
  • To apply: Complete the online JSIS Scholarship Application using the ‘Apply’ link on the right hand side of this page.

Global Fellowships | Global, Gap & Grad Fellowships

Sign up for Global Fellowships Prep to connect with advisors and gain access to tools to support your fellowship application process. Learn more here!

Global Fellowships Prep brings together UW students (undergraduates–especially juniors and seniors, bachelor’s alumni, grad/professional students and alumni) to explore post-graduate fellowships for 2021-2022. These fellowships support graduate school, research, creative work, community-based projects, and English teaching primarily abroad. We have also included a few opportunities that support students staying in the U.S. Most of the scholarships relevant to these activities have similar application processes, and all of them have deadlines that fall between September-November 2020 to fund activities during the 2021-22 academic year.

If you’re thinking about what you will be doing in 2021-22, whether you’ll have graduated by that point and are looking for “gap” year experiences, whether you’re looking to start grad school in fall 2021, or whether you’re already in grad school and are looking for opportunities to extend your work beyond UW, join us to explore those options and more. First-year and sophomore undergraduates are also encouraged to join us to learn about these opportunities early and strategically plan and prepare for a future application.

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