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Winter 2021 course: JSIS 495 H – Climate Change and the Wildfire Threat: What Can be Done?

January 22, 2021

In a particularly timely Task Force after the wildfires of 2020, Dr. Scott Montgomery’s JSIS 495 – Climate Change and the Wildfire Threat: What Can Be Done? tackles the question of how the wildfire threat should be addressed. The course has three key aims: 1) research the key causes of these fires, 2) evaluate methods being used to reduce or prevent such devastating fires, and 3) determine policies that would best help advance such risk reduction in both the short-term and long-term. Click here to read the detailed JSIS 495 Task Force description.

Professor Montgomery is an author, geoscientist, and affiliate faculty member in the Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington. He writes and lectures on a wide variety of topics related to energy (geopolitics, technology, resources, climate change), American politics, intellectual history, language and communication, and the history of science. For more than two decades, Montgomery worked as a geoscientist in the energy industry, writing over 100 scientific papers and 70 monographs on topics related to oil and gas, energy technology, and industry trends.

About Task Force: 

Task Forces consist of small groups of students, numbering between 12 and 20, who investigate a real-world policy issue and produce a final report and practical policy recommendations. Learn more about JSIS Task Forces, and explore a selection of Task Force reports, here.