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Successful 2015 US in the World Series on the Middle East

March 24, 2016

The 2015 US in the World lecture series completed its second year in March after featuring a host of prominent speakers on instability and hope in the Middle East. In her February lecture, “Rock the Casbah: Thundering Change Across the Middle East,” acclaimed international journalist Robin Wright provided insight into the political state of ten Middle Eastern countries and discussed her thoughts on the role of US military action. Authors Robin Wright and Rajiv Chandrasekaran presented the second lecture in the series, “Unraveling Iraq,” in March. In a conversation-style format, Wright and Chandrasekaran discussed the US invasion of Iraq and Sky’s experiences serving as governor of Kirkuk throughout that period. Both of the lectures were widely attended by students, faculty, and community members, and provided a comprehensive understanding of the current state of the Middle East and the role of the United States.


More information on the authors and lectures

Robin Wright, “Rock the Casbah”

Emma Sky and Rajiv Chandrasekaran, “Unraveling Iraq”:


About the Series

US in the World is a presentation series that aims to provide student engagement and public lectures on the global positioning and power of the United States, examining its origins, trajectory, and consequences. Starting in 2013-2014, the series scheduled to continue over the next four years with topics addressing global military presence, religion in foreign policy, varied engagement of the US with international legal and governance regimes, and many other interesting subjects that explore the complexities facing the United States as it proceeds through the twenty-first century.