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Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive: A Call for Lesson Plan Submissions

July 8, 2017

The University of Washington Center for Human Rights and Center for Global Studies invite teachers to submit lesson plans to add to our growing online resource that supports human rights efforts in El Salvador.  A limited number of $500 stipends are available for teachers to create lesson plans for the Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive. Subjects wanted include Spanish, AP History, and more! Submissions are due by September the 1st. Read on to find out more about this human rights project and how you can be a part of it as an educator!

Unfinished Sentences is an initiative of the University of Washington Center for Human Rights  to encourage public participation in support of human rights in El Salvador. Through this effort, we aim to document and share the stories of survivors of crimes against humanity committed in the context of El Salvador’s armed conflict, and to support Salvadoran efforts for truth and accountability.

As a part of this initiative, the  Human Rights Institute of the “José Simeon Cañas” Central American University in San Salvador, El Salvador and  the University of Washington Center for Human Rights have created the Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive, a growing online resource that archives 150 video interview excerpts with 48 survivors of the Salvadoran armed conflict, detailed research reports about historic and ongoing cases in El Salvador, and offers ways to take action in support of Salvadoran human rights movements.  Additionally, the archive contains a growing collection of supplementary materials, such as lesson plans, maps, and reading lists for instructors, and historical documents, including declassified U.S. government files.

Join us in our support for human rights efforts in El Salvador through submitting lesson plans that utilize the Unfinished Sentences Testimony Archive in creative classroom activities! You can explore what has already been published in the online resource here.

Please contact us at or for more information, and explore the website at