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Trump in the World – Spring 2020 Course

April 9, 2020

The University of Washington has announced a new course for the Spring 2020 quarter, “Trump in the World” (JSIS 478 I) The course will facilitate a number of discussions focusing on how different regions and global processes have been affected by the policies of the U.S. government under the Trump administration.


The course will feature a number of speakers, notably the Jackson School’s Professor Dan Chirot, who will discuss the consequences of Donald Trump’s presidency in regards to the U.S. bipartisan system, trade alliances, and U.S. foreign policy. Click here to download a PDF of Professor Chirot’s lecture.


List of speakers and topics:
3/31: Introduction

4/14: Dan Chirot: It Could Be Much Worse, and In the Long Run It Will Be *UPDATE: Read Professor Chirot’s lecture attached below in PDF*

4/21: David Bachman: China and the U.S.: Competition, Rivalry, Cold War?

4/28: James Wellman: Trump and the Rise of Christian Nationalism

5/5: Mika Ahuvia: Apocalypse, Rapture, and End-times in the Middle East

5/12: Danny Hoffman: “Donald Trump is a Man of the Left!”: Translations of Trump in West African Politics

5/19: Reşat Kasaba: Erdoğan’s Turkey in Trump’s Middle East

5/26: Christian L. Novetzke: Make India Great Again?

6/2: Scott Montgomery: Energy and Climate Change in the Trump Era and After: It Will Get Better

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