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Study Abroad: Afro-Cultures of Brazil: Arts, Activism, and the Politics of Race in Salvador da Bahia.

Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

February 10, 2020

Interested in studying abroad in Brazil? This program will expose UW students to the richness of Afro-Brazilian cultures by studying and living in Salvador da Bahia, the heartland of Afro-descended peoples of Brazil.

Salvador da Bahia was the first capital of Brazil and has the largest black population in the country. Salvador represents one of the great cultural mélanges of the New World evident in the religion, cuisine, dance, clothing, martial arts, and the rich musical traditions including samba-reggae, a style of percussion performed by blocos. Students will be participating in lectures, discussions, and workshops on history, demographics, cultural politics, religions, graffiti, percussion, Capoeira, affirmative action programs in higher education, and the work of NGOs in the state of Bahia. Students will be living with host families in Salvador for three weeks in order to spend as much time as possible interacting with the local culture.

In addition to exposure to Afro cultures in Brazil, UW students will be able to compare the histories of oppression, systematic racism, and contributions of blacks in Brazil to the experiences of blacks in the United States to gain more complex and developed perspectives on current discussions of race. Living and working alongside communities that are predominantly black works to dispel preconceived ideas and feelings about racial differences. These experiences teach students how to learn from those with very different backgrounds and values so that they will be more culturally sensitive and competent in future intercultural interactions.

The deadline to be eligible for some of the scholarships through the Study Abroad Office is February 15th, 2020.

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