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Portuguese for Spanish Speakers

December 8, 2016

Rio De Janeiro

Students interested in Portuguese have many exciting opportunities coming up this winter quarter offered at the Spanish and Portuguese Studies Department, all with an emphasis on facilitating understanding of contemporary socio-cultural issues of the Portuguese speaking world.

Particularly for Spanish speakers, the Spanish and Portuguese studies department will be conducting a specialized Portuguese class, PORT 105. Because Spanish speakers can already understand half of Portuguese texts without previous classes, this course accelerates the learning process by focusing on the similarities and differences between Portuguese and Spanish, and by combining the content of PORT 101, 102 and 103. The class emphasizes a contemporary communicative approach  and encourages students to interact with Portuguese speakers through the Portuguese Seattle Meetup group. The class also uses Portuguese texts that are from contemporary culture, read widely by different ages, and those written by reputed authors. At the end of the quarter students will be able to understand and express simple ideas about everyday  activities, interact with authentic Portuguese texts, and will have increased awareness and sensitivity to the Portuguese culture, socio-historical aspects, and languages of the Portuguese speaking world. Click here for more information!