Past Grantees

Takami Nieda

Awardee: Takami Nieda

Institution: Seattle Central College

Department/Discipline: Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences

Course Title: LC Pacific Rim: Asian and Pacific Cultures and Issues Shaping Seattle


This course focuses on how the peoples, histories, world views, and the political and socio-economic development of Asian Pacific countries have contributed to the emergence of a new global culture in the Pacific Rim region, including the United States. Inclusion and equity are major themes since the forces of conquest and imperialism caused the inequities that divide peoples today. 

Through readings, discussion, and videos, students will examine various issues from immigration, post colonialism, to anti-Asian sentiment, multiracial coalitions in resistance movements, and the soft power of K-pop and anime culture. We will tap into the rich historical and cultural resources of Seattle and Seattle Central College to investigate how these issues are  addressed and impact our communities. Students will also have opportunities to research and write about a relevant global issue of their choice.